Oven: Celeb Hotspot

According to this press release, Oven on Henry Street has become a hotspot for celebs:

Marketwire: Tanner Spree arrives at work every morning at 7:30 a.m. and watches in scientific fascination as the yeast rises on his handmade dough. Spree has a double degree in biochemistry and business. He has applied his creative and biochemistry skills to the art of gourmet pizzas at the newly opened Oven Restaurant on Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights. Fans such as Paul Giamatti (“Sideways”), Gabriel Bryne, Anna Wilding (“Buddha Wild”) and various hip-hop stars are lining up regularly for a laid-back seat in this discreet restaurant tucked off the Brooklyn Promenade on Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights. Jacob Buchanan of Fat Boy Hits Music Group says, “The pizzas are exotic. Each one is a different experience. It’s the best of both worlds for me, and my roster of stars. The atmosphere is clean, warm and comfortable, and yet the food in front of you is high-end and affordable. That’s rare.”

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  • Once The Man

    the only yeast that ever crossed into the Oven kitchen probably came from something stale at Busy Chef

  • google that LLC

    Carpe Diem Films LLC is a one person operation owned by the \”famous\” Ms. Wilding, a one-time regular at the long-lived Uncommon Grounds

  • No One Of Consequence

    Ok, but let’s be clear that I, personally, have not posted negatively about Oven. I wouldn’t, I haven’t been there.
    I am just noting the trends and questioning the legitimacy of some of the posts as there apparently is a history of posting under false pretenses regarding CoC.

  • celsius

    You can question the legitimacy of the supporters as well as any who looks at all these coments will have the same question of legitmacty for all the negative people. That is a point that cant be argued. It also seems that like i said before alot of people leaving these coments must know eachother. Another point that cant be argued. So once again you have to obviously have a very serious reason to continuly post comments about a resturant that youve just said youve never even been to. Also i didnt ignore the fact tht you said you personally did not post a negative comment about oven than maybe this message isnt for you. If this is the case please forward this to 1 of your friends who might be posting negative comments or maybe try and help me find a reson why a resturant “I HONESTLY LOVE” is being attacked.

  • cranberry

    Dear Celsius,
    The press release contains a quote from Jason “Zuchits” Buchanon of Fat Boy Music Hits Group, where he mentions that he brings his “roster of stars” to Oven. According to fatboymusichits.com this roster is all of ONE group called Bro Kin Haylow.
    An excerpt from the website:”They signed the band Bro Kin Haylow, which consists of two main vocalists, CELSIUS, Zukhits’ long time partner and friend and the band’s accomplished lead member, and Simone”
    So, basically you ARE the “roster of stars” that frequents Oven. I can see how it could be a lot of pressure for one man to be a “roster of stars” and you are doing a great job defending one of your “top hangouts”

  • google that LLC

    i’m bored. i’m going to contact the reps for the celebs listed (it’s good to have friends at the Post) and see what they have to say.

  • google that LLC


    i don’t think so.

  • celsius

    the hate is much appreciated,in my business its a sign that your doing good. AS for the website, featured artists means artist with project currently out. we only feature our artists that have a project out. does not mean they are the only artists signed to the roster. Ufortunately your statement showed you dont know much about what you commented on. Maybe your other friends do, so if they write back i,ll try to respond but you cant expect meto respond to a comment that has negativity and lies in it. You may have proved 1 thing though maybe not all the negative people know eachother because intelligent people usually dont mix with the unintelligent. So as i can see you may be a little more slow than your negative friends

  • The Waylander

    A self-described actress/producer publishes a press release about a restaurant she frequents that became a celeb hotspot, then lists her name among the celebs?

    Is Anna Wilding another girlfriend Dan picked up through myspace?

  • google that LLC

    Hopefully someone who can spell, or with a marginal command of English grammar, is writing releases for your “artists.” Yes, the period belongs inside the closed quotes.

    Or you could just lay off the pipe.

  • celsius

    that makes 2 people i cant respond too. I did the name calling thing a while back. Before i grew up name calling and fighting were a great way to solve issues. Sorry but times have changed

  • bongo

    I don’t why you’re all fighting. I think the pizza is delicious, with just the right amount of toppings. They have fast delivery, and I heartily recommend the pizza at Fascati, 9 doors up the street. Oven is what happens when you mix Boboli with a deli counter. “Kobe beef pizza”, please!

  • hoppy

    I guess the irony of my flippant comment was lost on some. I have no opinion one way or the other on Oven, and I wish they succeed. It’s just that press release implying that big stars are “lining up regularly” for Oven was too much!

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    If everyone who posted about Oven actually ate there, they’d have no room for the celebs. ;-)

  • Lauren

    So after all the talk about oven, we finally ate there. The ceaser salad was good (a bit pricey at $10). However, we ordered two pizzas – and they were both so over saturated with cheese that they were truly hard to eat. I thought the crust had potential, as there were herbs on it for flavor, but it was very oily as well. I wanted to try oven for myself, and I probably will never go back, unless something changes.

  • http://adsformyself.blogspot.com Tim N.

    It’s a shame that the celebs don’t want GOOD pizza, or they’d walk up the block to Fascati’s or down the hill to Grimaldi’s.

    BTW, Homer, is there any way you can screen out the kitchen staff at the Corner of Cranberry restaurants from putting up the (virtually) same post multiple times? I’ve noticed that every time there’s a post about any of these places within seconds there’s a “I.love.this.place.it.is.very.good.the.food.is.good.and.the.pepeople.are.nice.it.is.a.nice.place” brain-dead message from someone. Maybe use one of those “what word is this” screeners like they use at Ticketmaster.

  • middaghman

    maybe im taking crazy pills- but im calling out celsius as a 13 year old girl. never seen an adult write that poorly in my life. “I did the name calling thing a while back. Before i grew up name calling and fighting were a great way to solve issues.” are you talking about when you were 11? in a few years, your mom will let you walk down the big hill and try grimaldi’s. if this blog is still around then, would be semi-interested in hearing what you think.

  • cranberry

    celsius, i thought you might have detected the grain of sarcasm in my post about the “roster of stars” but apparently not….however there is only one group under “featured artists” (that would be you) and no groups listed under “upcoming artists” and no mention of any other artists whatsoever. that would lead one to believe that there may not be a roster. what any of this has to do with pizza..i’m not sure anymore.
    P.S I don’t know anyone on this blog…mainly because i’m slow

  • http://www.brooklynrowhouse.com Steve

    I had a business meeting at Oven a few months ago. I’m a Tontonno/DeFara guy so I don’t usually care for gourmet pizza but I thought it was good. Being able to have a nice bottle of wine rather than the ubiquitous “No Coke, Pepsi” was a refreshing change as well too. I’d go back.

  • Nancy

    I ate at Oven last night and was actaully pleasantly surprised. I had the stuffed mushrooms, big enough for 4 and very tasty. Husband had tomato and mozzarella, and it was good. I had the eggplant pizza and my husband had the Kobe steak pizza. I didn’t taste the steak but he said it was very good. My eggplant was also very good. I asked for it well done and it was extremely hot, just how I like it. We had wine and just coffee. The service was very good and it started getting crowded around 7:30. I hate to buck the trend, but we lilked it, and will be back. I am happy when a place survives in the neighborhood. For those who hate Oven, do you like Noodle Pudding? That to me is a joke of a restaurant. So we all have to live with different tastes.
    Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now!!

  • Brooklyn Heights

    I went to Oven several weeks ago and it was atrocious. I ordered a charcuterie platter and a pizza. The platter that came had about a pound of old greasy meat slices on it and came with four emager slices of bread that was idential to the bread sold at busy chef. Even worse, the meat slices were drizzled with some type of horrible balsamic citrus “reduction” that tasted completely off (it made me ill). Why even put sauce on charcuterie meats – unnecessary and revolting. The pizza was an embarrassment. And the service was somehow both innattentive and unsettlingly intrusive. (Recieved wrong check/ waited too long for food/ waiter kept butting into conversations)
    I took an out of town friend here and was completely embarrassed!!

  • 718joralemon

    I give Oven two more months.

    I ended up here out of desperation after hearing Noodle Pudding (which is the best food I’ve had in 2007 when I did go) had an hour and a half wait. I always like to give things a shot so my British friend and I sat down and ordered a few things off the menu. The pizza was soggy. We stopped eating after one slice and just got drunk off the wine. I dont know about all of you, but if I pay $96.47 for a meal, I want to be satisfied and not drunk to enjoy it.

  • google that LLC

    It seems that some condensing of professional histories might have occurred:


  • blowhard

    Oven was really disappointing when I went there. I could care less for service if the food is actually good; in this case neither were any good. The salad I split was good, but the pizza was horrible. It would make sense that their crusts were frozen. Give me Grimaldi’s for a “fancy” pizza or Fascati for a regular slice. Even MontyQ’s is way better than Oven. I’ll even take that bagel shop in Fulton Mall near the Jay St. stop which makes really cheap pizza over Oven.

    Did the owners realize that Fascati and Grimaldi’s were there?

    If I’m going to eat on Henry it is going to be Siggy’s, Fascati, or the Ale House(not including the nicer restaurants there).

    I know this was the subject of another thread– but I have to say Siggy’s might have the best burgers in the heights.

  • Nancy

    Having gotten food poisoning from Siggy’s I can honestly say I will never eat there again. To each their own. For the best old fashioned pizza in the Heights, I like Monty’s the best. But you can go out of the neighborhood, and go to Bay Ridge or Bensonhurst for that type of pizza all over.

  • google that LLC

    Went to check out the Oven website to see if they changed anything. is this a joke?

  • cranberry

    that is awesome…..california pizza kitchen is far superior though.

  • cranberry

    after looking more closely at the california pizza kitchen menu, it seems like the chef at oven “borrowed” a few pizzas from them. one of them he didn’t even bother to change the name…. whoever redirected oven’s website is trying to tell us something.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    Given that we’ve seen this behavior before, it’s not shocking.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    Besides, it looks like former “owner” Fehlinger owns the domain ovenny.com (updated two days ago), so he’s just playing a little game here with his former employers.