Scaffolding Coming Back?

It appears that the recent removal of the scaffolds at the corner of Montague and Court may be coming back for an encore performance. This time it is particularly unappealing as there appears to be a set of beams going up in the center, partinioning the sidewalk in two.

Perhaps the work being done before wasn't properly finished…then again, was any work even being done in the first place?

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  • captain obvious

    nothing escapes this blog.

  • Claude Scales

    Including you.

  • captain obvious

    agreed. it’s like a car wreck: i can’t look away.

    i mean, shouldn’t “brooklyn heights blog” be able to tell us something, anything about why the scaffolds have returned to this spot in .. brooklyn heights? i mean, instead of simply telling us something we all can see when we walk down the street?

    i mean, besides Perhaps the work being done before wasn’t properly finished.

    oh wait. i guess you’re just waiting to steal copy from a real media outlet.

  • Arthur

    Captain, are you normal?

  • elle thomson

    the whole street is constantly littered with fast food papers, garbage, etc…..where is marty when u need him?

  • fishermb

    sorry for creating a post where hopefully people would discuss what’s going on with the scaffolding. i’m posting from my job, where i work 50+ hours a week, and try to put something up when i have time. captain obvious, if you have the free time to investigate why the hell the scaffolding is up, PLEASE BY ALL MEANS, FIND THE HELL OUT

  • evan

    I don’t get why we need scaffolding in the first place. How many people died per year in NYC before scaffolding was required?? 2? 5? 10? We lose more each year to food poisoning! Instead we decide to set up the one thing that could possibly make a concrete jungle look even uglier. Why do I have a feeling the mafia or nepotism has something to do with this….