Work Begins on 116 Montague Street Expansion

John S. Newman, of Lindsay Newman Arch & Design

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that work has begun on the expansion of 116 Montague Street,  currently the location of a Sleepy’s outlet.   We first reported in February 2009  about the plans.  The  Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the design of 3 additional stories last year after telling planners to go back to the drawing board.  However, don’t expect the wild ‘n’ wooly pre-fabricated construction promised by builders last year:

Brooklyn Eagle: Although the Eagle had reported over a year ago that the added floors would be comprised of steel and concrete prefabricated modules, what will be constructed instead is a “more typical and boring” three-story addition, according to its architect, John S. Newman of Lindsay Newman Architecture in Manhattan.

The change from the more creative “and jazzier” modules to a traditionally-designed addition had to do with the need to bring a crane to Montague Street to install the modules coinciding with last year’s problems with cranes and crane operators citywide, according to Newman.

“What killed it was the insurance for the crane,” he said.

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  • tpot

    This will be a huge improvement to Montague! Happy it’s been revived. Great work JSN ( & CL). Too bad it won’t happen pre-fab, that would have expedited the construction, but at least they tried!

  • Ben

    For 20 years I have been a regular customer of Lassen & Hennings and this building next door to them would make my walk even shorter. I just may look into retirment years spent at a new home here next to my favortite food place, L&H are an asset to our community.

  • Arch Stanton

    @ tpot, I don’t see how it would be a “huge improvement to Montague”?
    @ Ben, In my opinion Lassen & Hennings has gone downhill, in recent years…

  • Andrew Porter

    Arch, it’s gone downhill since they added that 4th “n” to the name. Oh, wait…