Open Thread Wednesday 6/23/10

BHB Photo Club pic by quartley

BHB Photo Club pic by quartley

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  • nabeguy

    Because it was two-way, I don’t recall there ever being parking on either side of Middage from Hicks to Columbia Heights.

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s no parking on the north side of Middagh between Henry and Hicks, supposedly because the fire engines need the space to come and go. But of course all the firemen illegally park their cars there, so there are lots of cars parked there. So the question is, do we want them to park illegally on Middagh between Hicks and Willow as well?

  • nabeguy

    Andrew, I wouldn’t push that particular point. As you say, there is parking on the north side of Middagh Street that is reserved for teachers during the school year; the rest is, in fact, left clear to allow Ladder 118 enough clearance to get in and out of the station-house. The firemen usually park on the south side, either in the spaces provided or on the sidewalk, a practice which is no less bothersome, but one I’m willing to forgive especially since I live in a wood house.

  • Joe

    Mike!! He is the nicest guy. I eat his custard softserve because he is that nice of a guy much to the detriment of my waistline.

    Manifooki sounds like a new David Chang restaurant.

  • ClarkStChica

    What’s going on with the Clark Street elevators? I was on the one on the most left-hand side coming up (most right-hand as you descend) today and each time it rattled and moved in medium-sized, turbulence-style bumps. Anyone else experience this? Just the heat or should I start braving those stairs?

  • alanna

    big names in foodie world eyeing to set up at Pier One…food AND drink

  • alanna
  • alanna

    oops sorry for the triple post that last post was from March, not recent.

  • cv

    I never knew there were stairs at the Clark Street station. Where are they? I would love to have options there other than the elevators. Thanks.

  • nabeguy

    cv, one trip up or down that staircase will likely deter you from a second one. Imagine Dante.

  • GHB

    cv, that hike up the stairs at Clark Street is a haul! Down is easy…

  • roccos

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to give up on my iPhone. I can barely send a text from my apt on Columbia Hgts. Even after disabling 3G like the AT&T rep instructed. My mate’s Verizon works perfectly. My contract was up in March but was hoping with the new iPhone update, service would be better, but it is not. Guess I’ll get a tablet for entertainments and a verizon cheapie phone. Better on the wallet anyway

  • hicks st guy

    cv, ditto, the stairs are about 3 stories, rather warm.

  • cv

    Well, that is discouraging about the stairs. But still out of curiosity — where are they in relation to the elevators? Are they obvious, and I’ve been missing them for years?

  • Anon

    The smell and general claustrophobia of the stairs are the turn offs. The door’s marked off to the side before you get to the elevator down below. I forget where it exits on the street — all the way to the left maybe?

  • DrewBurch

    I stopped using the Clark station stairs after repeatedly running into people sleeping, peeing, and loitering there. It’s three flights, and when you encounter nefarious activity in the middle it can be disconcerting. Hot, nasty, stinky and at times a bit creepy. I’ll take my chances with the elevator.

  • cv

    Well, now I am totally discouraged. The elevator it will be for me. Thanks. (I had one brief moment of optimism, imagining a lovely, clean, safe staircase. Silly me.)

  • Heather Quinlan

    Hey – Anyone know about an incident last week at 173 Hicks where there was supposedly FBI involved?

  • nabeguy

    Yes, Heather, but I’d rather not talk about it.