Open Thread Wednesday 6/23/10

BHB Photo Club pic by quartley

BHB Photo Club pic by quartley

What’s on your mind?  Comment away!

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  • Claude Scales

    Great photo! It took me a while before I noticed the kid’s arms extended from the stroller.

  • Matthew Parker

    Mike, the guy in the Custard King truck is the nicest guy.

  • Andrew Porter

    A new, so far small, sinkhole has opened at the intersection of Pineapple and Willow Streets, at the extreme SE corner, next to the drain. I sent a willing rat down to see how deep it was, but he didn’t come back. I filed a complaint with DOT via 311: it’s C1-1-573960193.

  • Andrew Porter

    43-49 Willow Place are profiled in

  • francoise

    Summer summer !

  • T.K. Small

    The Custard King guy is definitely very friendly, but I just wish he would provide banking and cell phones.

  • AEB

    Manifooki Display Update, Manifooki Display Update!

    Well, OK, not the window display exactly, but on my way to work this AM I saw guys setting up two large planters made of logs–very Davy Crockett–on the curb facing Manifooki.

    Presumably greenery will appear in these. IM (not so) HO, the rustic planters should be brought closer to the store, as they don’t really relate to the BH cityscape.

    I know: picky, picky.

  • GHB

    Why doesn’t the city clear the clogged drains on the Promenade? That’s a prime breeding ground for mosquitos! Speaking of which, anybody noticed a lot of late-night sexual activity on the Promenade lately?

  • Heightsman

    Sexual activity on the Promenade….details please.

  • JusWundering…

    3 things for the open thread:
    1) Why are no cars allowed to park on either side of the street – ever – on Middagh btwn Willow and Hicks?
    2) There seems to be a black hole in satelite and cell reception around the corners of Willow and Pierrepont – cell phones die and XM satelite radio goes dead. Anyone else notice/deal with this?
    3) Sexual activity on the promendae? What is this, 1977? Do tell…

  • InterestedParty

    I’d prefer photos, if you don’t mind

  • http://none Ishtar

    Does anyone have a small air conditioner I could buy on the cheap? Young/poor here (Okay, first-world poor but still…) and these heat waves are slowly poaching me. Or is that redundant.

  • CharlieS

    You’re probably better off buying a cheap energy-efficient one at Lowe’s. While an older one picked up from a stoop sale seems like a bargain, it will kill your energy bills and cost you more by the end of the summer.

  • http://none Ishtar

    Thanks, Charlie.

  • GHB

    Heightsman and Jus, if you really wanna know. In the last few weeks, while walking my dog after 11, I’ve encountered couples, uh, ‘testing’ the park benches on the Promenade. Three times, always in a seated position. It’s not something I want to see, and the dog doesn’t care, but what do you say?

  • bhmom3

    AEB: what is Manifooki? Is that the new nail place or something?

  • Heights Liberal

    There is really no reason to fret over politics anymore, so let’s just all enjoy the summer!

    We have Mr. Obama, Hillary, Rahm Emanuel, & that Vice President guy on our team, so why worry?

  • AEB

    bhmom, Manifooki is the new properties biz in 43 Hicks St., corner of Middagh. Former site of ROWF….

  • Teddy

    Maybe I should avoid those benches on the promenade. Then again, it does give me an idea where my girl & I can go.

  • Andrew

    I’ve noticed the cell phone dead zone/corner of dropped calls at Pierrepont and Willow for years. But then with AT&T, most of the US is a dead zone, anyway.

    I suspect that there’s no parking on Middagh between Willow and Hicks because fire trucks may need to turn either way onto Willow, since it runs both northbound and southbound from there.

  • zburch

    Does anyone know which gas stations nearby have clean diesel(ULSD)?

  • Norman E-Mailer

    The soon-to-be Mrs. E-Mailer and I will try to relegate our Promenade rendezvous to the shadows. Apologies to anyone we’ve disturbed.

  • AmyinBH

    Did anyone feel the earthquake? I am at work in Manhattan and didn’t.

  • T.K. Small

    I just saw a T-shirt on Montague Street that said “Make Love, Not Highways”.

  • Reg42603

    ISHTAR – I have TWO ACs that I can part with. They were brand new – purchased in 2002 and used only through september 2003; have since been in “storage.” Please let me know if you are interetsed. They are window units, not through-the-wall units.

  • http://none Ishtar

    Ah, yes, a window unit is what I need, for just a small room.

    Do you have a price in mind?

    (On a related note: Did I mention I was poor?)

    Thanks : )

  • AAR

    No parking signs on Middagh St: I think that they are an artifact from the days when it was a two-way street and went through to Columbia Heights. Notice the white street painting strips that are a remnant of that time before the now closed end of Middagh nearly collapsed onto the BQE

  • http://none Ishtar

    Also Reg42603 , My email’s attached to my name if you want to send a reply there.

    Thanks again!

  • Cat

    A big sinkhole in the bike lane on Clinton just before Schermerhorn–the size of a city garbage can (which now sits in it). Mr. Cat saw a bicyclist wipe out when he encountered the sinkhole before the trash can was placed in it. The hole does have some orange paint around it so maybe it will be repaired in the not too distant future.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Middagh between Hicks and Willow STILL is a 2-way street. At least officially. The eastbound direction is mostly ignored these days, since it’s impossible to drive onto unless you do a u-turn in the blocked off part of Middagh leading to where the bridge over the BQE used to be. But all of the signage, street painting, traffic light at Hicks, etc. are still there.

    That block is too narrow for parking on both sides. Are there 2-way streets in NYC with parking on just 1 side? Alternate side clearly doesn’t work here. AFAIK the only other 2-way streets in the Heights (that aren’t dead ends) are Pierrepont between Willow and Pierrepont Place, and Clark between Cadman Plaza West and Henry. They both have parking, but are wider.

    Any old-timers know if the parking situation was different before the bridge collapse?