BQE Stakeholders Meeting Tonight at 6:30

bqe_standard-419x1811There will be a BQE stakeholders meeting at 6:30 this evening at St. Francis College, 180 Remsen St. Up for discussion will be the recent plans that involve widening the BQE and possibly condemning neighborhood buildings. Who out there is going?

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  • MartinLBrooklyn

    Just thinking….If their objective is to widen the expressway at these on and off ramp points, why not swing wider on the outside towards the dog run and the Witnesses building? That cream-colored factory building is new having been added in the 1960’s or ’70’s. Since the Witnesses are leaving for Dutchess County anyway, there’d be minimum effect. And
    all that territory would give the civil engineers plenty of room to maneuver without touching the Heights which they definitely shall not do.
    My question is: Since they were supposedly just exploring “all” possibilities, how come this relatively benign possibility was not explored?
    I’m just asking.

  • s

    Martin, the answer to your question is this: the selection and evaluation of alternatives has only just begun. The three categorical possible future solutions presented at the last meeting will have numerous variations within each of them. There was nothing definitive about the three renderings shown last month, actually just the opposite.

  • Milo

    Actually Martin’s question was brought up at the last meeting but not answered by the DOT.

  • Matthew Parker

    The dogs are going to require a very high market rate to vacate any of Hillside.

  • Joe Nardiello

    The line on your link, regarding recent plans: “to bring the road up to federal guidelines” sounds like ‘bureaucrat-ese’ for ‘we looked through our old files — found this stretch that can use a paint job and feel we can convince you, that we can spend money here, and stretch out a good 10-12 years, on the project’.

    If the performance of the State on the Gowanus Expressway is any measure of what we can expect — I strongly recommend telling anyone, thanks but no thanks. Slow the cars down, and understand the design is what it is. Fix the BQE on all sides, repave the road, hands off Brooklyn Heights — and take your act elsewhere. Some agencies, even State agencies look to ‘make work’ for themselves — expand, if you will even if they don’t bring income (otherwise, they fear a probing eye will see it as a budgetary excess).

    Let’s always criticize and question motives of government agencies wanting massive expenditure — especially when little comes back to NY (ever notice all the NJ license plates of road crews?). Plans were announced for another mega-million DOT overhaul of the Brooklyn Bridge — which happens every so often, coached in maintenance, without hardly a public notice to how the $100s of millions were spent. Don’t be surprised if there’s not an attempt to connect this plan, with that one.. if there’s a speed bump in their overtures.