Nail Salon Coming to Old Laundromat Space on Montague Street

At last week’s Montague BID meeting, it was rumored a nail salon would be opening at the site of the burned out laundromat at 132 Montague Street.   The laundry announced it would be moving down the block to the vacated Korres space at 140 Montague Street.  Today, the Brooklyn Eagle confirms the nail salon is moving into their old digs:

Brooklyn Eagle: A city building permit has been issued to Do Kyung Lee for the renovation. The Dashing Diva nail salon is only one iron-stoop stairway away from the site.

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  • Bob

    So Williamsburg can have great retail and the Heights can’t? Call out the landlords.

  • Rochdalian

    It’s almost as if we need laws regulating the variety of stores in a commercial district. I know it’s not constitutional, but this is getting ridiculous.

  • nabeguy

    There already is a law. It’s called supply and demand. You supply your nails and they demand payment.

  • GF

    Montague Street is mentioned in Dylan’s song ‘Tangled Up in Blue’ and I didn’t notice any recollections of ‘Capulets on Montague Street, located about where the Greek restaurant used to be. Life – it’s such a timed warp we travel in.

  • tonka

    Perhaps a storefront school that teaches basic grammar and spelling? yeehah!

  • David on Middagh

    @tonka – I think “yeehaw” is more standard. Don’t forget to capitalize at the beginning of a sentence, please (even for an interjection).

  • Claude Scales

    GF: Dylan mentions “music in the cafes at night”. Capulet’s had music, so perhaps it’s one of those cafes. Then, again, I’m not sure when Capulet’s opened. I moved here in 1983, and it closed about a year later. I’m also ignorant of the dates of Dylan’s supposed sojourn on Montague. Capulet’s was located next door to Mr. Souvlaki, in the space now occupied by Cafe Buon Gusto.

  • bornhere

    Time warp, indeed. Capulet’s opened in 1969 and closed in 1986. Just one in a long series of sad days on Montague Street.

  • Joe

    Well it looks like another storefront is about to come on the market. Heard Nine West is closing. Perhaps prime real estate for another nail salon?

    I think the reason why there are lots of nail salons cropping up is due to the fact that barrier to entry is low: doesn’t take as much cash upfront to establish and not much skill needed. The problem is there is bound to be a darwinian effect since there is only so much business to go around unless we start growing extra feet and hands due side effects of eating shrimp contaminated from the oil spill.

  • patrik

    My dad used to tend bar at Capulet’s and I would hang with all the dart players when I would visit from GA. It was a great place and I loved that atmo. I remember the waitress who would always say “Hot stuff! Coming through!” even when she was bringing salad. Around 1984 or 1985.

  • nabeguy

    patrik, was her name Marcia? And do you remember Ron Green, the bartender? How about the backgammon players in the corner window? Lot of great memories in that place.