Korres Kloses

The Brooklyn Eagle reports in today’s edition that Korres Natural Products store at 140 Montague Street has closed.   The store opened in Spring 2008.

Not for nuthin’ but… we never saw a soul in there.  What are your thoughts?

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  • sue

    Good riddance. Didn’t understand their offering — cosmetics? skin care? homeopathic meds? I’ll take Bohack Super Drugs, Barney’s Cut Rate, or Kleinman’s any day… especially Barney’s. SIgh.

  • Publius

    I love Barney’s. I tell my friends that I like to shop at Barney’s and they say Barney’s Fifth Avenue?, and I say, no, Barney’s Cut Rate on Court St.

  • promenade

    Montague is really becoming a ghost street…never went in there [Korres] myself – but damn, it wouldn’t it be nice to have the whole street bustling with good shops and restaurants – A person can dream, right?

  • Publius

    @promenade: That won’t happen until the outrageous rents come down by half. Only chains can now afford to put loss leaders on Montague Street. And most chains are now hurting so the era of overpaying for a “prime” retail spot is over.

    Bring back Leaf ‘n Bean!

  • ABC

    I finally went in there and they were really nice. It was nice stuff — kinda like LUSH — and not too expensive. I bought something I ended up liking and was about to go back for more. Ouch!

    Also, I thought they had a really nice renovation and lit window. As often as we dismiss the chains, I think having a certain amount of MACs and Ann Taylor’s are good for the street. Clean, bright windows add a little life.

  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com ts

    Reminds me of Dorothy Parker’s line when told of the death of Calvin Coolidge: “How could they tell?”

  • Adam G

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Homeopathy is snake oil.

  • sue

    publius, where do you go now for Ace hard rubber combs, snap-close purses, and flints for your lighter?

  • bornhere

    Sue — And don’t forget pipe cleaners :)

  • x

    Maybe they will have more cell phone stores or the Apple store on MOntague?

  • velvetflip

    Good, I am glad…not that I ever venture to the upstairs/downstairs stores on Montague because I am usually with baby carriage. But I really didn’t like or understand that store and I never saw anyone in there.

  • ABC

    what’s with all the people who are GLAD it’s gone? it was a cosmetics store. how grumpy do you have to be to want a cosmetic store to fail? I guess you guys like the empty storefronts.

  • John

    MY WIFE SAID IT SUCKED ! bad products, bad help, it’s no shock it closed. she is an expert in the field.

  • ABC

    I’m not an expert in the field, but Korres has been around for a long time. All over the world. Make tens of millions a year. The help in our local shop were super nice to me when I was there. Sorry to see they’ve lost their jobs.

    People complain when storefronts are empty. They complain when they’re not. Brooklyn Heights … not where I’d want to open a store.

  • my2cents

    At least it was one of the few classy, well designed storefronts on the street. Oh well. Maybe we’ll get another cel phone shop.

  • http://mermaidsonparade.blogspot.com melanie hope greenberg

    I went in there recently to ask about a product and found the service very helpful. Also was given free samples.

  • jane

    gimme sephora, not some twee random dark whatever it was trying to be. it bummed me out.

  • ummm

    Wow, its true. BK Heights is truly filled with the rejects that couldn’t make it in other communities. Even if you don’t shop at the store, its still good to have A store there. I can’t imagine ever feeling glad that a store went out of business (unless they were actually harmful to patrons). Like ABC said, now the store will be empty and you’ll all complain that its messy and looks bad. What next? Are you gonna all tell Bjork to move out cause you haven’t bought an album of hers in a while?

    And whats with all the “I never saw anyone in there” comments? WHo cares?? Its not a bar on a saturday night, its a freakin makeup place. Who cares if no one is in it at precisely the stroll by wheeling around your bratty spoiled kids.

    God I can’t wait to move out of BK Heights.

  • The Where


  • GHB

    Can’t wait til you do. Douche.

  • BrklnminiDV

    Korres was a fantastic store….

    I bought products there twice. Wish I could have gotten more, but their products lasted so well I never had to…

    The rose-hip line rules…. I’m truly sad to see them go…

    The girls were always super sweet and helpful to.
    Pretty sure they opened another store in Manhattan around the same time. Guess they needed to consolidate.
    I hope that store stays open. I’ll gladly swipe my m-card to get some of my skin’s new addiction….

    I’m bummed when I see any store or Restaurant close.
    …..except the Busy Chef scam-pire……total shade

  • nabeguy

    Man, so much harshness on this thread. A lot of it coming from those who seem to derive pleasure from holding death-watches over business’s that don’t necessarily cater to their personal needs or interests. Got a better idea for Montague? Here’s the place to post it.

  • Teddy

    Speaking of places closing down, yesterday I was walking on Court St. in Carroll Gardens and noticed workers taking stuff out of the Tea Lounge. I spoke with the guy in charge and he told me that they had to close because they didn’t have enough regular customers. He said the Park Slope location will stay open. I asked him about Brooklyn Heights and he didn’t really answer me, but he was interested when I told him that Ale House was closing in the coming weeks. He asked me about the Atlantic Ave. location (how many blocks away, how large, etc.). He also discussed how the swine flu potentially could have negative effects on a business like the Tea Lounge.

    With the Carroll Gardens location closing, I don’t think we’re getting a Tea Lounge here, at least not in the North Heights.

  • my2cents

    Maybe they’ll open a second Ricky’s there. Would that satisfy all you haters?

  • Remsen

    Perhaps the fortunes of the stores on Montague and Atlantic will change when The Park finally opens and increases pedestrian traffic

  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.com Teresa

    The Ale House as in the Henry St. Ale House? Is CLOSING? Say it ain’t so!

  • Teddy

    No, not Henry St. I’m talking about Waterfront Ale House at 155 Atlantic Ave. closing when their lease runs out. At least that’s what I’ve heard from a couple of people.

    Of course with this economy, you never know, Henry St. could be next.

  • Hope you’re wrong

    Oh no not the Waterfront Ale House. That’s one of the only descent places to go to in the neighborhood for late night food. I take all my friends there and they love it. Went to Henry’s once and it simply did not stack up to Waterfront in all areas. If they close I’ll be really upset about it. I hope you’re wrong about this.

  • nabeguy

    Sorry to hear about the WAH. It’s had a good long run. Smells like the Atlantic Street landlords might be catching a whiff of the Smith Street rents.

  • Someone

    The Waterfront Ale house is not closing. Not sure where you got that info from but it is incorrect.