Nabe Blogger Chuck Taylor Gives Big Thumbs Up to New Armando’s

BHB pal/ Celine Dion maven/ Brooklyn Heights resident Chuck Taylor and his better half/composer Ayhan Sahin checked out the new Armando’s Restaurant last night.  The verdict:

Smoking Nun: Ayhan and I celebrated my birthday a day late, since he was working all weekend while I was in the Hamptons. Had a grand dinner at Italian restaurant Armando’s just two blocks from home on Montague Street. The joint was originally founded in 1936, shuttered in 2008, and following the hasty retreat of pitiful replacement sammich chain Spicy Pickle, Armando’s modernized its space and reopened Monday, Sept. 28, with a glorious, upscale menu and a bar that is open until midnight—something sorely lacking in this ultra-conservative nabe of Brooklyn Heights. Truly felt like being somewhere brand new in a locale only steps from home. Grade-A experience.

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