Nail Salon Coming to Old Laundromat Space on Montague Street

At last week’s Montague BID meeting, it was rumored a nail salon would be opening at the site of the burned out laundromat at 132 Montague Street.   The laundry announced it would be moving down the block to the vacated Korres space at 140 Montague Street.  Today, the Brooklyn Eagle confirms the nail salon is moving into their old digs:

Brooklyn Eagle: A city building permit has been issued to Do Kyung Lee for the renovation. The Dashing Diva nail salon is only one iron-stoop stairway away from the site.

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  • nabeguy

    Cause nothing says Montague Street like a nail salon.

  • alanna

    @nabeguy Ha! seriously.

  • Claude Scales

    With a few changes to the lyrics, we could turn this into a song about Montague Street:

  • Remsen

    If the mens equivalent to nail salons are bars, we are way behind

  • Lori

    Another nail salon? There are already three plus on Montague.

  • EHinBH

    It’s almost give-up time. Sorry. Does anyone know what the average rent there is? I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult to attract good stores…

  • Nancy

    how is a nail salon able to afford the rent

  • Sue

    Another one-ya gotta be kidding! How can they afford the rent? A wonderful used bookshop couldn’t make it on Montague but another nail salon can. What is happening here…

  • my2cents

    Montague Street’s economy seems primarily based on services that people can run out from their offices at lunch break and use. So they can go and get nails done, buy a scarf at Banana Republic or Ann Taylor, get a new cellphone and go back to work on Court. Much as those of us who live here would like to be the center of the street’s economy, we are really the secondary market. And Nail salons are one of the few businesses that can serve busy office workers and law clerks during the week, and busy moms on the weekend. It’s a heck of a lot more profitable than a book store. God I miss Heights books…

  • tb

    My husband could use a pedicure for his big ol’ man feet.

  • Hank 75

    maybe it will be a nail salon for pets.

  • ABC

    well, the nail salons do manage to stay in business. good luck to them.

  • David G.

    @Nabeguy is correct. Did anyone else notice the commercial space at the bottom of One Brooklyn Bridge Park?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like they are eventually planning on putting a whole block of stores/restaurants right next to the park. That could be a great place to have a nice mexican restaurant.

  • my2cents

    When are we going to get a Korean restaurant around here? I would love that.

  • Ben

    For decades I dropped my laundry at that laundermat and they people were great — then I bought a car, and my back seat became my hamper and I did my laundy at a BIG comfortable suburban landry-arama in Nassau County after work as I commuted daily. Evening traffic jams on the BQE I realized I had to give up my dirt cheap rent stabilized studio (I was bought out by landlord $$$) Now I have a 2 car garage, and a laundry room off the kicten, Townhouse Condo living on Shelter Rock Road. That was a great laundry nice people. And there is more to life than traffic on the BQE, and cheap rent.

  • AEB

    I prefer a nail salon for pets and tweens that also serves dismal Thai, Chinese and Italian food, plus cellphones, casual-wear, bedding, makeup and over-priced convenience items.

    Further, I want it’s window display to include at least one black ceramic Buddha and gardening book. And I want its sign to cover ALMOST but not ALL of the sign left by the previous tenant.

    Oh–it should also sell fake bagels and be staffed by surly teens who get REALLY put out when you proffer stuff you want to buy.

    Can do?

  • Random chick

    Would people want another coffee shop with lots of seating on Montague?

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, maybe they can have those now illegal fish nibbling at people’s toes. They could place that in the window.

    Meanwhile, the long empty space at the corner of Pineapple and Henry in the St. George is being turned into office space for whoever runs the student dorms there. Sorry, no nail spa, cellphone store or real estate spot there!

  • Norman E-Mailer

    If someone could answer this question I would be eversograteful: How does Dimples Kids Spa stay in business? I’ve never seen more than two or three non-employees there at any one time.

    So: Is it a drug front and, if so, do they deliver?

  • AEB

    It’s a front for Mainifooki Properties….

  • Lou

    I shudder to think what the feet of the beautiful ladies of Brooklyn Heights would look like if they couldn’t have them attended to by tireless asian hands.

  • x

    I’d love it if the Chocolate Room would move to MOntague street

  • x

    Better yet a chic restaurant that serves comfort food

  • monaB

    That is just what we need, another nail salon! How about a store that provides services to those with broken appliances, tvs, video machines, etc.
    How about a kosher deli, or another lauderomat. Or a nice gift shop, or cheese store,or a store that sells fresh fish.How about a store that sells all things Brooklyn.

  • nabeguy

    Claude, I just caught that video link…you never cease to amaze me. What would you change the lyrics to? “Brooklyn Height’s for dying”?

  • x

    how about a tourist shop for all the tourists that visit the heights and the parks/promenade?

  • Claude Scales

    nabeguy: Maybe “Montague’s for wanking”.

  • bklynnate

    Needed: Upscale Food Store. Prepared foods (for you lunch time crowd) OK as long as you have good cheese.

  • Alanna

    Needed: Laundromat, badly. There is little to no originality to most of the establishments on Montague. It’s single-serve, one-use consumption. But as someone pointed out, we are a secondary market for the businesses.

  • anony

    banks, nail salons, and laundromats. HELLO MONTAGUE STREET