News 12 Shows Up to Taste the Controversy

Photo: Jason Shaltze/Brooklyn Bugle

Homer yucks it up with News 12 Photo: Jason Shaltz/Brooklyn Bugle

Well, who knew that when we suggested to Michael Correra at (BHB sponsor) Michael Towne Wines and Spirits that  a  free tasting event for the “controversial” Absolut Brooklyn could be fun, that it would garner the attention of hyperlocal TV news outlet News 12 Brooklyn.

Stay tuned for our exciting summer series of tastings at MTWS.  More photos  and the News 12 piece after the jump.

Photos by Jason Shaltz Brooklyn Bugle

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  • Publius

    What better way to celebrate Brooklyn than with a vodka? Let’s see, I can think of perhaps 5,000,000 better ways.

    Absolut sell-out.

    Sorry to see BHB getting involved in this non-story “controvery” whose only benefit is finanical to a Swedish liquor company, and perhaps to line the pockets of a former Brooklynite, Spike Lee, who want to cash in on his affiliation with the borough, even though he hasn’t actually lived here in many years.

    Sad to see Spike milk his diminishing Brooklyn “cred” for such an unworthy cause.

  • Andrew Porter

    So-called “hyperlocal” News 12 Brooklyn, which I get on TW ch. 156, is run from studios in the Bronx.

  • Hicks St guy

    before you trash Spike, please know that Absolut has pledged to donate $50,000, in conjunction with Absolut Brooklyn, to the New York City affiliate of Habitat for Humanity which just completed a 41 unit development in Brownsville and is building in several other sites in the City.