ManiFooki Properties: At Least the Flowers Are Pretty

Our man with the cam, Karl Junkersfeld, inspired by AEB’s comment on today’s Open Thread Wednesday, paid a visit to the office of ManiFooki Properties, LLC, in the former ROWF space at Hicks and Middagh. The video above tells the tale.

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  • my2cents

    Looks like they are still setting up. I wish them luck in the nabe.

  • AEB

    Me too!

  • AEB


    A large metal dog bowl, perhaps left over from the former space occupant;

    three or four plants in scalloped-paper “liners.” Actually, these are shoots in the process of becoming–or in two cases, dying.

    (I can see that ManiFooki will have the same thematic pull, for me at least, as Great Wall….)