Open Thread Wednesday 6/16/10

BHB Flickr Photo Club pic by beau-dog

BHB Flickr Photo Club pic by beau-dog

What’s happenin’? Comment away!

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  • T.K. Small

    I am first!

  • Andrew Porter

    The alleys of DUMBO and the Heights, with several great maps from before the BQE was built:

    TK, you’re first in the hearts of your countrymen. And women…

  • Andrew Porter

    Just noticed that the homeless guy who likes to collect piles of discarded stuff is back, setting up under the St. George Tower sidewalk shed on Pineapple Street. In the past, he’s been very good about blocking the fire exit from the Health Club.

    Hey, Homer, what’s with the ad from the Mormons just below the posting box? Is this a paying customer, or from Mr. Google?

  • AEB

    Experiencing one’s own powerlessness isn’t a pretty thing. I recognized just how finite my “reach” is the other day when confronting the window display at the new realty operation in the former site of ROWF. The display consists of;

    Two silvery candlesticks of vaguely Mideastern design;
    A fairly large black ceramic Buddha;
    A chess board with pieces;
    Two raffia-wrapped “ethnic” drums that rest on little pillow bases;
    A couple of paperback books on gardening.

    As a Master of Taste, you can imagine how this assemblage struck me. And there’s nothing I can do about it!

    PS, aesthetics aside, wouldn’t a business want to put in its window something that gave SOME idea of what the operation is ABOUT?

  • Kim G

    AEB, sounds like “Hodgepodge Decorating”.

  • Alanna

    When is Homer’s next walking tour? Are there any walking tours or BH history tours taking place this Sunday, June 26th? (my father would love it!)

  • AEB

    Kim, it’s more like hodge-

    podge, as each item occupies it’s own spatial universe, entirely unrelated to any other. I wonder if I could enlist Doug Biviano or Marty M. to do something about this. I mean, the BQE issue pales in relation to….

  • Andrew Porter

    The people at the former Rowf site told me it’s a real estate management company, for buildings not in the Heights. Hence, not a retail operation. So the “display” has as much relevance as the flowers in the window across the street, where the store became living space.

  • AEB

    Still, Andrew, don’t you think that the window should contain items that, if not related to the enterprise within, are at least…pleasing to behold, and that are in some way…composed to create a pleasing whole?

    Of course, here we go down the rabbit hole of Taste. But, as the (self-declared) Master of Taste, I get to say what looks good and what doesn’t.

  • Claude Scales

    Re: the photo “gracing” this OTW. I never did “get” cubism. I guess that makes me a rank philistine.

  • Teddy
  • kcgrace

    Anyone noticing the increase in helicopter traffic during the past 5 days?
    Did something change regarding the regulations?

  • Laura Mardiks

    We need a free (or very cheap) DJ for the 5th grade dance at PS8 next Monday. If there is anyone out there who would like to do a great thing for a great group of kids, please email me:

  • nabeguy

    I heard an interesting rumor this past week that the space on Henry Street between Henry’s Ale House and the nail salon has been rented out as a liquor store. Anybody else know anything?

  • cat

    So sad to see the Sycamore leaves turning yellow in mid-June. Is there no cure for the tree fungus?

  • Andrew Porter

    Cat, where’s the Sycamore in question?

    I was in the CVS on Henry and Love Lane today and asked about the cash machine. It’s not coming back, I was told. So I told them they should remove the giant “Sovereign ATM” sign in the window.

  • cat

    Andrew, I see this with Sycamores all over the Heights, and specifically with the one right outside my 3rd floor window on Clinton St. and also a couple of trees out back in a yard on Sidney. When I saw this last year, I just thought the poor trees weren’t getting enough water. But when an arborist visited BHB a while back, I believe he mentioned the plight of the Sycamores.

  • Mariam Farooq

    Hello Everyone. We are the new tenants at 43 Hicks Street. We are still in the processing of moving and am certain we will make all our neighbors, including the Master of Taste :) proud of the eventual look of our office and the windows are already looking better! The move has been slow and therefore the hodge and the podge in the windows. I guess i should have listened to my partners about not putting the random pieces in the window! I thought the pretty petunias would more pleasingly distract persons walking by. We are a property management and development company. Currently, the properties we have developed and managed are located in Fort Greene and Boerum Hill. We look forward to our tenancy in beautiful Brooklyn Heights. Mariam Farooq