Monday Open Thread 11/12/07


Get the week started with another open thread.

Above photo of Mailer strolling by the old Hotel Margaret got us thinking if YOU have any vintage nabe photos.  If you do, scan 'em and upload them to the BHB Photo Club or email them to us: webmaster AT

Comment away! 

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  • Vishnu Jones

    This Homer Fink game show, is it fun?

  • hungry

    OK – this may get lost in the shuffle today, but I ate at the Montague St. La Traviata last night and it was disgusting. The menu was so filthy I wanted to wash my hands after holding it. I ordered the “special,” pumpkin ravioli in a cream sauce. All I can say about what arrived is ewwwwww. Six frozen and then very very very overcooked pieces of soggy ravioli in a slightly curdled Alfredo sauce. I seriously wanted to invite Gordon Ramsay to feature this place on his “Kitchen Nightmares” show for a total renovation. For now, I’ll stick to Buon Gusto for pasta and Armando’s for meat — but I’d still love a good, classic candle-in-a-chianta-bottle, red & white checkered tablecloth Italian place (with awesome bread!!)…

  • cs

    LaTraviata is a last resort meal option. If you only have 10 bucks and you want a quick delivery, try the spaghettie and meaballs.

  • BHBabe

    yes, buon gusto delivers (and includes free dessert sometimes, too!)

  • born in brooklyn

    If you liked Richard Dawson’s Family Feud, you’ll love Homer’s Family Fists of Fury!!
    Go! Play! Enjoy!!
    (I am not now, nor have I ever been, related by blood, business, or casual happenstace to Mr Fink)

  • embee

    Not really related to anything BH, but has anyone ever tried Fresh Direct for Thanksgiving meal?