B’Stoner: What’s Coming to Court and State?

Brownstoner: Who just signed the retail lease in the new building at the corner of State and Court in Brooklyn Heights? That was the question that had members of the audience scratching their heads at last week's quarterly Brooklyn Real Estate Roundtable held at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

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  • iHope!

    Could it be the much speculated about Apple Store?!?!?! ooooooohhh :)

  • fishermb

    Na, Apple is going to come to the re-purposed Municipal Building behind Borough Hall on Joralemon. We’re getting food of some sort here. An Italian market would be most welcomed by me.

  • iHope!

    hey, food is almost as good ;)

  • adam

    but what kind of food store. might up scale to be near smith st.

  • HHG

    According to Racked.com it’s going to be a LensCrafters

  • Cranberry

    I was told that it is going to be a 7-11

  • http://amysahba.blogspot.com amy

    i really really really hope it’s not a LensCrafter. Or a 7-11.

  • No One of Consequence

    Maybe it will be the expansion of the “Corner of Cranberry Empire.”

  • Michael

    LensCrafters is coming, but on the north side of Court & State (the CourtHouse building). The building pictured is on the south side of Court & State.

  • Cranberry

    yes and this side will be a 7-11

  • Cranberry

    also according to nando the owner of the former mike’s kosher space, he will be leasing it to starbucks starting in january.

  • Coffee Man

    You mean Nando, the guy who is in business with the “professionals” at Busy Chef etc?

  • skinny237

    Cranberry—Where did you hear it was going to be a 7-11? Just curious.

  • yo

    i have it from good sources that it’s going to be a Boar’s Head store. Yup, you heard it right, Boar’s Head….like the deli meats. They are going for a Carnegie Deli type setup, with tables and waitress service. Should be interesting…