Gristedes Gets “Ban’d”

Right or wrong, Brooklyn Heights residents often shake their fists at the lack of quality dining and decent supermarkets. A trip to Key Food could end with you on ABC’s Gotcha Journalism Show or even worse, eating green chicken. Meanwhile, Gristedes’ prices seem to come from Rodeo Drive (if Rodeo Drive were to have a Gristedes). As one reader put it:

I was in Gristedes on Henry Street by Clark yesterday and checked out the price of Ban antiperspirant there. Needless to say, I didn’t buy any. But I was so startled, I took this photo.
But then compare it to the price yesterday at CVS.

Comparison shop after the jump.

I asked a Gristedes clerk if he would pay this much for Ban deodorant, and the answer was a definite “no.” When I asked a Gristedes manager where the prices came from, I was told that headquarters sets the prices based on a formula he was unsure of. I am not a good at math, but I would still like to know their deodorant formula.

UPDATE: As noted by one commenter—and by the tipster himself, “Granted, the $9.19 container is 3.5 ounces and the CVS container is 2.6 ounces, but still!!! I don’t understand how Gristedes stays in business!”

Gristedes Ban

Gristedes Ban



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  • The Where

    ABC you are very funny. This is a civilized place.

    Someday this war is gonna get real.

  • ashton

    the neighborhood should ban gristedes.
    we don’t need it. this isn’t a slum. we have options, we have cars.
    they should go out of business.

  • beth

    Hey I have no problem with employees skimming a little.. what I have a problem with is fingers in my (potential) food. Sure maybe the same thing happens out of my sight in restaurant kitchens, maybe… but on the floor of the supermarket? Not cool. Say what you will.

  • jorale-man

    Gristedes is cleaner, brighter and newer inside than Key Foods, which may be how they justify the higher prices. You’re paying (a little) for atmosphere. I’ve been in some pretty dingy Gristedes in Manhattan and they don’t overcharge nearly so much. I avoid it all and go to TJ’s…

  • Sue

    Bartmann. You should check your facts before writing. I’ve lived here at Cadman Towers for 22 yrs. Cadman is a middle income coop [whose residents are young and old] and is part of the Mitchell-Lama program. I also find the store dirty and way over-priced but on emergency have had to shop there. Their shop-rite products are reasonable. Sadly, as it is the only large food shop close by some regardless of age have no choice and Gristedes knows that. They sure know how to take advantage.

    Ive been going to Union Market on Court Street but not everyone will or can walk that far.

    Since47 is right on-go to one of our many[and there are way too many] drugstores for products such as Ban

    Now what about those students at the St. George partying outside at all hours of the night. What can we do about them.

  • GHB

    jorale-man, Gristede’s was overpriced before the fire and subsequent renovation as well.

  • AEB

    I’m beginning to sound like a shill for Peas ‘N’ Pickles, but the selection there is good and the prices, through not the lowest, are reasonable.

    As it’s a kiss away from Gristedes–why bother going there before checking out it’s northerly neighbor?

  • rj

    Considering one of my major food groups is ice cream, I never go to Gristedes. Their ice cream prices are absolutely ridiculous!

  • Troubled Reader

    One of the things I like about the store is the good selection of fresh bread, right as you enter. Also, I have gotten good deals on sale items there, on rare, lucky days. You have to look around a bit to find them.

  • shamrock

    “Hi, my name is shamrock…., and I have a problem…., I shop at Gristedes…..” THERE, I SAID IT! Now that I have that out of the way hopefully the healing can begin.

    Let’s face it, I know as good as anyone Gristedes is pretty slack (and I’m a slacker for going there), but in my case it’s just too convenient to my home. Every time I go there and leave feeling burned I say I’ll never go back, then I find myself right back in there (does have some Shoprite products that are reasonably priced). Regardless, I know I’m probably a loser for going there, gives me a good reason for hiding behind a pseudonym, can’t have my Heights Homies trashin’ me if they see me in there buying moldy cheese!

  • justanotherprettyface

    Gristedes is an dirty, overpriced slum. The reason they stay in business anywhere is because people are too lazy to travel to stores with more competitive prices, period.