Open Thread Wednesday 6/2/10

Flickr photo by benjoya

Flickr photo by benjoya

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  • A Neighbor

    Can anyone recommend a plasterer to repair a few water-damaged walls — and not charge an arm and a leg?

  • Arch Stanton

    I know one but he’ll charge you 2 goats a pig and six chickens… If you think that’s a better deal, I’ll give you his number.

  • someone

    The wooden pier off the Promenade @ the Pierrepont entry finally collapsed.

  • Flannery

    I have a ceiling fan that stopped operating (just in time for the heat!) Any recommendations for someone to repair either the fan itself or the electrical connection? Or install a new one if needed? I’ve seen old posts about John Lonergan. Is he still still around? Thanks.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I noticed that also. My film on Montague Street Part One had extensive coverage of that Pier. It was a train car depot for storage facilities in the area in the early 1900’s. Very historic. The film shows what the piers looked like when they were in full operation as a holding site for the train cars.

    It really saddened me to see it disintegration before my very eyes. I always looked down on those relics when walking the promenade. It really gave me a sense of what was once there. Bummer.

  • statestreet

    Why isn’t there a tree blight for ailanthus. My place stinks and I’m sneezing like crazy. Tell me will be over in a few days.

  • anon

    @statestreet-call Dr. Betty Smith, who lives somewhere in Williamsburg.

  • Heathcliff

    I need a good dentist recommendation in the neighborhood. Please share if you know someone. Thanks.

  • GHB

    LOL anon

  • Will Truman

    someone and Karl, I noticed last Friday that the old railroad pier appeared to have sunk deeper into the water, but I thought it might have just been high tide. What I shame. I also loved that pier and thought it was great that it was being incorporated into the new park as a “nature preserve”.

  • Will Truman

    A Neighbor and Flannery, FYI, the Forum on is a great resource for all manner of questions about home repair and contractor recommendations. You can search for older posts raising similar questions, or you can post your question in your own new Forum post.

  • shamrock

    Heathcliff, without a doubt one of the best dentist in the area (in the country, as far as I’m concerned) is Dr. Philip Klein. The address is 86 Pierrepont Street.

  • Ari


    As a long time resident of Columbia Place, I have mixed feelings about the wild popularity of Iris Cafe. Part of the allure of living in Willowtown is, or rather WAS, the quiet tranquility of the neighborhood. The increased people traffic coming down here to patronize Iris Cafe totally compromises that notion COMPLETELY.

    That is somewhat tolerable and it is nice to see a thriving business down here.


    There are some dog owners who go to Iris Cafe, and tie their dogs up and literally leave them out there BARKING LOUDLY sometimes for over an hour. The selfishness of these owners is not only ruining the peace and quiet every weekend morning on the street, but that is a completely inhumane way of treating your dog.

    How can you sit inside, drinking your coffee, for 30 minutes, or an hour and just ignore your barking dog?? Barking incessantly and disturbing so many residents every weekend morning?? It is totally unacceptable, and these owners are incredibly rude and selfish.

    Until they can be singled out, blame must be placed on the business establishment, and the onus is on them to educate their customers about the effects of their manners on the surrounding neighborhood.


    A fellow dog owner, resident of Columbia Place.

  • harumph

    @Heathcliff – we love Dr. Sussman, 89 Remsen, 718-855-7545

  • Heightsman

    What is with the construction on Willow btw Clark and Pierrepont. I’ve been living here for 10+ years and I could have rebuilt the freakin house from scratch by hand. How long is the dumpster and crew going to be around…..

    Oh and the new doors on the one house are awful looking….

  • Monie

    Speaking of dogs outside…I am constantly saddened by dog walkers, either professionals or the owner him/herself, marching along with their dog(s) on a hot day, with their own water bottle in hand to ease their thirst, but these poor dogs are so thirsty-appearing! Once, (in a far-off place called Los Angeles), I was on my morning walk one weekend and came across a dog tied to a stake by the sidewalk next to the baseball field. It was noontime, very hot out, no shelter from the sun, and the dog was on a short tether, with a small overturned styrofoam cup of water recently spilled in front of him. Obviously, he had tried to take a slurp from the cup of water and knocked it over immediately. I was so sorry for him and a man drove up with his baseball gear and I asked if he knew whose dog this was. He replied that it was one of guys about to play a Saturday pickup game of baseball with him (how long would the dog have remained in the sun, one-two hours?). I was stunned that this man would have left his dog tied in the sun – with a small styrofoam cup of water! I told the gentleman that I would be back in 15 minutes and that if the dog was not by then in the shade with water, I would call the SPCA to pick him up. I went home quickly and got my car and came back and the dog was under the bleachers inside the field, with a container of water. One might have expected the styrofoam cup of water for an animal tied out in the sun, or not providing the dogs with water on walks – IF THE CARETAKER WAS RETARDED, OR MAYBE 6 YEARS OLD – but from an ADULT, “intelligent” owner of an animal? That is simply animal cruelty. In my opinion this type person should not own a pet. It would take no effort to take along a small plastic bowl and share your bottled water. Animals have the same needs we do…and that includes frequent hydration and shade on a hot day! So, to the people I saw strolling briskly along with their thirsty, panting dogs on Memorial Day on the Promenade, while themselves drinking from their water bottles…SHAME ON YOU! Note: I saw plenty of folks seeing that their dogs got water, also, and to those, much applause!

  • JoJo

    Jack, not to sound forward, but are you a widower, by chance?

  • AEB

    Jack, BH is a picture-pretty, delightfully serene community with a demographic that skews well-to-do “older.”

    It’s also almost entirely without a pulse. Consider it a suburb within a city. If this sounds “right” to you…..

  • statestreet

    “suburb within a city” — how about a nursing home within a city. Even those below retirement age are premature old.

  • Quietude

    God found Brooklyn Heights too perfect, and that’s why he made Brooklyn Heights residents.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Can you make the fonts a little bigger, I couldn’t hear it.

  • rank_outsider

    Karl, StateStreet is graphically and font-astically challenged. I’d advise you to do what you can via your own browser to resolve the small font issue.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    My font remark was an vain attempt at humor. Basically, I was playing into his theory that we are all old, tired, deaf and blind. The font remark was referencing my poor eyesight and the “couldn’t hear it” remark was about my hearing loss. Couldn’t hear the fonts. Get it.

    Not very funny, but i tried. Guess my lack of humor is also a symptom of my advancing age at 57 years. Got to run and see Dr. Dolittle.

  • rank_outsider

    Karl, I think your humor is great. : ) It was I who failed to intuit the innate humor of your remark! I was too literal. ’tis my wont. Forgive me.

  • Will Truman

    LOL Karl.

  • nabeguy

    Good one Karl. I think I know you well enough to say that you definitely do not have a small-font issue, although I’ve heard that a good browser would definitely fix that problem.

  • anon

    He may have a small font but he a large serif (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, if you know what I mean). And some hot lead, too.

  • nabeguy

    Hey anon, is that a Mergenthaler in your pocket or….?

  • bhmom3

    Heightsman: 128 Willow is repairing its roof and facade, so that is a major project apparently that will go on and on. The house with the weird doors will be something like corporate apts whenever it’s finished. Looks like there is finally some progress being made towards a finished product.

  • Matthew Parker

    NY Post reporting Bklyn Lobster Pound refusing to lose against Manhattan pick for BBP: