Open Thread Wednesday 6/2/10

Flickr photo by benjoya

Flickr photo by benjoya

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  • anony

    does anyone here live at One Brooklyn Bridge? how do you like it? is it safe? are the apartments nice? amenities?

  • hickster

    i dont get all these people who choose to live in BH while constantly bashing it. Here’s an idea. LEAVE. I am a 38 yr. old “nursing home” resident who is perfectly content to live here without a bunch of disgruntled orderlies milling around.

  • jorale-man

    I have to agree, hickster. I’m 36 and don’t find BH so much “older” than many other parts of city. Sure, it’s not Williamsburg or the East Village, but some people here seem to delight in hyperbole.

  • WillowtownCop


    I also live on Columbia Place. I agree with you about not being thrilled about suddenly living on a public block. I see it getting worse when the pier opens. I also agree with you about it being mean to tie your dogs up. Part of the problem is dogs not being allowed in restaurants, which I don’t think is fair.

    I have never heard dogs outside the cafe barking. I have never heard dogs from the dog run barking. I think you’re being a little too sensitive- it is the city after all, and we do live almost directly under the BQE. But what do I know- I also have lived here for years without ever hearing the helicopters that everyone is so upset about.

  • arkady

    I have 2 friends who live in 1 BB & they love it.

  • Monty

    Question for coop residents: what do you (and your respective boards) think about paying down their underlying mortgage? I’ve heard it said that coops never pay off their debt completely and I’ve also heard that that is nonsense and they should absolutely try to pay it off. Does anyone here have an informed opinion?

  • ABC

    I”m all for paying it down. Our board has chosen to refinance and take on MORE debt and then spend it on things like a very optional and expensive lobby renovation. Ugh.

    There are absolutely buildings in the area with no mortgage. Their resident enjoy sub-$600 maintenance bills and maybe a shabbier lobby. I’d take that any day of the week.

    Of course, very few are able to pay it down. It’s important to keep a healthy reserve. I just think not even having it as a long-term goal is really annoying.

  • Bartmann

    Although I live in the middle heights, my morning jog takes me through Willowtown. I like the tranquility of the block, and personally I prefer businesses to stay along the main streets: Court and Montague. The Iris cafe is nice but it is adding to the foot traffic of the area. Willowtown has some negatives: the constant drone of the BQE, and its remoteness. But these are offset by the positives: it is devoid of foot traffic and is tranquil. As foot traffic increases, the charm of this area is lost.

    However, what I see as a greater impact to the tranquility of this area is the development of Brooklyn Bridge park. Joralemon will become a major thoroughfare between the subways and the park. I remember last year how the floating pool added to the street traffic and the trash that landed on people’s stoops.

    So while I’m all for the development of the park, I do think it will disproportionately affect Joralemon street and Willowtown residents.


  • gatornyc

    I live in OBBP and love it. Safety has never even entered my mind. The apartments are great and significantly larger than average. The building has amenities that are simply unavailable in most any other building in BH. If you are interested in learning more about OBBP go to:

  • GHB

    Anybody notice that the water drains on the Promenade have never worked, even back when they first renovated 7 or 8 years ago? All the water collects under the benches along the gardens and now resembles a primordial ooze. It’s nice that they’re keeping up the gardens, but a few repairs would be nice too.

  • anony

    is one brooklyn bridge in a safe area. how is furman st?

  • anony

    how is Oro condo in Downtown Brooklyn?

  • The where

    Wrong neightborhood anony.

  • Andrew Porter

    Heathcliff, I love Dr. Moshman, same address and phone number as Dr. Sussman. Both share an office at 89 Remsen Street. Once when I was in pain, Dr. Moshman opened the office for me on a Saturday morning.

  • mike

    Can anyone recommend a good provider of Co-op insurance? State Farm will evidently not write new policies in Brooklyn Heights due to its “proximity to water.” Any help is appreciated.

  • Me

    Does anyone know if there is a required amount of notice that must be given residents when a photo/movie shoot is going to disrupt parking? Signs went up this morning on Columbia Hts. between Orange and Cranberry and on Cranberry between Columbia Hts. and Willow saying no parking tomorrow from 5am-7pm. We usually given more notice (not that it makes it any less annoying) and I’m curious if this is a courtesy or a requirement.