Toren’s Viral Video of Brooklyn Heights

To some, the concept of “viral marketing” must sound like an awesome idea.  Actually it can be when done correctly. Call us curmudgeons but the series of vids touting the Toren condos in Downtown Brooklyn is just chock full of some truly off-putting characters.   What do you think?

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  • Claude Scales

    If the Toren is going to house people like these, I favor establishing a cordon sanitaire at Jay Street.

  • Guy

    What’s wrong with these “people”… that they didn’t know about a 10 year warranty ?

    fyi, I listened to the video rather than watch it and I have no idea why they’re so “truly off-putting characters” …

  • AEB

    Ah, American Youth! Not exactly members of the School of Athens…more like members of the School of So Then I Was Like…

    …but let us suspend disbelief and think about the dilemma of having a mattress that’s, like, got this, like, that’s sunken in the middle, and going to Sleepy’s where the guy was, like, where did you get it? And I was, like, Sleepy’s…..

    In short: what is the point of this?


  • Homer Fink

    I was fascinated by this. Actually the folks in this vid ain’t so bad but watch the others in the “series”.

  • Claude Scales

    Good grief, Guy, you could listen to that woman with her horrid, nasal, singsong vocalization, a product, I suspect, of the noxious “valley girl” craze of the 1980s that unfortunately seems to be infecting successive age cohorts, and not find her off-putting?

    The man seems simply shallow and vacuous.

  • amyinBK

    Like, I don’t like understand like what the people in the video are like supposed to be like doing.
    (how many times can you say “like” in under five minutes?)

  • Claude Scales

    At the beginning, the woman says they’re, like, going to lunch. They never get there, but they seem to be headed toward Subway. I can imagine the order: “I’ll have, like, the six inch Italian combo on, like, whole grain bread, with, like, lettuce and tomato but, like, no onions, y’know, and, oh, yeah, some peppers, but the, like, sweet kind, not hot, y’know.”

  • Toren Lover

    I think these people are very charming.

    The series on YouTube is called “LifeAtToren”

  • travy

    sorry, i was wrong. can you go back to celebrity spotting?

  • Promenade

    Here is an insightful tour of the promenade by our Toren guide.

    By the way, she may have stretched the truth a bit, it is really 25 minutes from the prom walking briskly but 10 minutes is close.

  • WillowtownCop

    What a boring story. Does that qualify as an interesting conversation to some people? One worth capturing on film and posting on the internet?

    I don’t know what’s worse- her lack of anything worth saying, or the way she said it.

  • lisanne

    The fact that she couldn’t even name Montague Street and the most interesting places she could point out were Sleepy’s and Ann Taylor Loft says alot!!!

  • Jonny

    We all know why your mattress got that way, kitten. pffffft

  • Andrew Porter

    And did she ever read the part in the stuff that came with the mattress about how you’re supposed to flip it and turn it end to end, so you’re not always sleeping in the same spot? Like?

    Where are those Republican Death Squads when we need them?

  • Minnie

    Instead of, like, criticizing people (but it’s a blog so…I guess I’m like, in the wrong place) why don’t you watch the series..the point is to promote the building. I’ve watched and Toren appears to house a group of creative, hip, eclectic people…oh wait. This makes total sense. Eclectic creatives = off-putting to those who write about Brooklyn Heights. Got it.

  • my2cents

    I think she’s kind cute. But the video was more boring than watching paint dry.

  • pankymom

    So viral i wish i wore protection. Now i will need cipro. Eeeeeewwww.

  • Billy Reno

    I moved to NY from LA to, like, escape people like that!

  • JM

    OMG (as she would no doubt say, like 40 times). I love the fact that her and her equally intelligent friend think she’s getting a “free” mattress, when what’s happening is she PAID for a defective product, had to go back to store, now wait for a “mattress inspector” (OK, I’m really tryin’ hard not to take off on THAT one) and if they “deem” it sufficiently defective, she can wait for a replacement to arrive. OMG how AWESOME!
    Oh yeah, and not for nothing but isn’t Fulton Mall more in the beautiful Toren neighboorhood? Now there’s a video I’d like to see….

  • Topham Beauclerk

    JM: And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    You write, “I love the fact that her and her equally intelligent…” It ought to be: she and her equally…

  • Tony

    This just in: Many people, and not just the young, say “like” and “awesome” and “amazing” a lot. This also just in: Smug windbags on the Brooklyn Heights Blog like to feel superior to such people and poke fun at them, even when their own grammatical skills are deficient (note Topham’s comment). Talk about off-putting.

  • JM

    Wow, I’m like totally wounded.
    Thanks for the awesome criticism. It like so totally proved me wrong about like those people and stuff. I was like so all dude your grammar totally sucks you should be super careful next time and stuff. I was like totally writing that in a hurry cause this Starbucks is like totally off the hook with these totally awesome people and I didn’t want to like loose my place in line which would be such a total bummer :(

  • Just Curious

    Minnie referred to these individuals as hip. What constitutes hip? Does being in your 20-30’s automatically make one hip? Was it the wine and cheese party, or the red chair that was purchased or the haircutting in the living room? Seriously, what made these individuals hip? Just curious.

    Damn, I have wine and cheese parties and a red chair. I once had my hair cut in my living room and it took months to get the hair out of the room in total. No thanks.

    I think any reasonable person would agree this sales promotion is not very attractive. Why are they walking in the Heights when the projects are right behind them across the street. It was very funny as the guy looks out his window and notices the Empire State but doesn’t even acknowledge the projects which were right there in front of the camera. Very pretentious. Also talks about how beautiful Metrotech is during Christmas but fails to mentions it is empty after 9:00PM.

    Very dishonest.

    Tons of inaccurate phrases like 10 minutes to promenade, flea market down the block etc. Waiting for them to visit the Fulton Mall and film that. No way.

    Very sad.

  • K

    I don’t understand how this conversation is supposed to promote the building.

  • milton

    they are both very cute but the video was very boring.

  • Steve R

    As I started watching, I thought I was looking at a point-of-view amateur video shot using a cell-phone camera: incredibly fast and jerky pans back and forth and a constant stream of innocuous narration because that is what behind-the-lens narrators do.

    Two people on their way to lunch, right? But about midway through, the camera pans to show the unseen narrator. And then it hit me! Like Oh My God, we have two Torens residents on their way to lunch in Brooklyn Heights who just happen to drag along a totally inept camera-person trying desperately to make it look like they’re filming a point-of-view amateur video on their way to lunch.

    Man, I want to *party* with those people!

  • milton

    It is a little like the start of a porno film when the two
    adorable but brainless actors talk insipidly before
    they start to shed their clothes and start moaning and

  • Andy

    I agree with most of the people who commented here. If they’re going to do a video like this they should at least do their research and have something intelligent to say.