Three Year Old Loses Doll Near Montague Street

Ok, while all of you are cranky at us for all the celebrity resident posts it’s time to remember that Homer is a sucker for another kind of story — kid loses teddy bear, binky or similar beloved item.  This comment from Lisa was mis-posted in the Bjork thread but we figured it deserved a post of its own.  Here’s the comment:

Help–Beloved doll lost in Brooklyn Heights, if anyone sees it–a small Corrolla doll, well-loved and well-worn, with bandaids on its head and body (under clothes):

My daughter was on a walk from Warren and Clinton today, Thursday, down Clinton to Montague, left on Montague, then back, and home along Henry to Warren.. so the doll could be on Henry or Clinton between Warren and Montague, or on Montague…

The doll’s hands are bitten…. This doll is my daughter’s companion.. if anyone finds her, we are FOREVER grateful.

Thanks for any help…

Lisa (mom to Scarlet, 3)

Comment below if you’ve seen the doll. Thanks!

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  • HeightsDiva

    Dear Lisa,

    Bitten hands? Is you daughter a puppy dog or something? Gross. Some homeless person is probably using it as toilet paper right now. Just go buy another one.

  • Claude Scales

    Lisa: I hope you won’t take the comment above as typical of the BHB community.

  • Heightsman

    But funny none the less….my daughter lost her beloved blankee one day on the streets of BH (her fault for taking it out) and it seemed like the end of the world. It was for some time but she moved on to something new and now she’s a 7 year old who is moving off the current blankee. Hang in there…..

  • http://n/a Lisa M. Collins

    Good morning Brooklyn Heights Blog—
    Great news! Our lost doll, Little Tiny, has been found. Someone from Bococa Parents email group saw her on Clinton Street last night, on a stoop, and I went and retrieved her. We were surprised (as parents) to be almost as upset as our 3-year-old over the temporary loss. But a big big shout out to Homer Fink and Brooklyn Heights Blog: Thank You! How awesome that you posted this on your great and popular blog! We are honored, and touched.
    It definitely gives me the warm tingles to think we live in such an amazing community–South Brooklyn—where people will step out and take the time to help each other, even when it comes to a bruised, gnawed-on, full-of-bandaids little doll (who is wearing a hideous outfit, and has a lazy eye, to boot.)
    Hope everyone here has a great weekend filled with good karma,

  • xochi

    HeightsDiva – how do you survive without a heart? your post is cruel, unnecessary and an embarrassment.

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    Yeah, Heights Diva, how dare you have a sense of humor that doesn’t match the old scolds of BH!

    I laughed.

    But I’m glad Lisa got the doll back.

  • aliG

    HeightsDiva, your face should be used as a homeless person’s toilet paper. Your comment wasn’t even funny, just dumb.

  • Reggie

    Somewhat related: I have a Toyota Corrolla (sic) for sale. Older model but still runs well. High three figures.