First Look at Bread and Butter


BHB photo by Karl Junkersfeld

Many BHB commenters have checked out the new incarnation of  Le Petit Marche called Bread and Butter [46 Henry Street].  Our Karl Junkersfeld, who has taken a peek at the menu, taken photos but has not tried the food yet, comments:

Bread and Butter opened Saturday and was packed according to reliable sources. The menu is eclectic and with many dishes guaranteed to stick to the ribs, for example the Southern Fried Chicken, mashed potato option for two. Looks like it has a good mix of meat and fish dishes and prices are reasonable. Did anyone try it out yet? Below is link to menu:


BHB contributor and King of the Hillside Dog Park Matthew Parker’s Yelp review is glowing:

We have a winner.

A warm friendly vibe will great you followed by good service and a somewhat eclectic menu.  For those in the immediate area, imagine Buttermilk Channel meets Jack the Horse, with a bit of Louisiana thrown in.

We had the clam chowder–fresh and delicious. Perhaps the best I’ve had outside of Maine.

There are a nice selection of small plates, and we tried the speck wrapped figs with almonds (sometimes called Alterboys), which were flavorful. Also tried the bacon with pecans and maple glaze, served with mustard, which is interesting and tasty.

I was about to go for the lobster roll, but wasn’t in the mood for mayo, so I tried the burger, which was perfectly cooked to order with quality beef.  Great fries!  Shoestring, crisp and delicious.

My sweetheart had the Amish chicken, which is nicely blackened, juicy, and a bit sweet, with a flavorful spinach and mushroom tortilla. Quite good.

Very nice beer and wine list.

We tried the butterscotch pudding for desert, which was a smooth end to the meal.

I’d rate Bread and Butter somewhere around 3.75 stars, but will round up. I hope they have a nice run, and am glad they’re adding some variety and good standards to the Heights dining scene.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld
  • AEB

    The menu looks great; in its way, the most sophisticated of any I’ve pursued in the nabe.

    Looking forward to going!

  • AEB

    (…that’s perused…but y’all knew that…..)

  • nabeguy

    I liked the first version first AEB…I had this vision of your tongue running hither and yon in pursuit of fine cuisine.

  • AEB

    My tongue DOES have a life of its own, nabe. But then most do, don’t you think?

  • Billy Reno

    The Amish chicken is nice until you take its picture.

  • Annamarie

    what happened with the chicken?

  • http://lmrt lmrt brooklyn

    I live down the block and always want to support new local businesses. So, after one meal at the newest establishment in my neighborhood, here are my suggestions for Bread and Butter:

    1. The staff are lovely, especially Milton. However, they may be a little too attentive. Or it may be too many folks checking on us…
    2. A REAL veg, and not just slaw should be offered with the chicken for two meal.
    3. The price point is a little high for what they are offering. I kept thinking: Why wouldn’t I just get fried chicken at Henry Street Ale House? What makes this different/better?
    4. There should be another meat appetizer. I wanted mac’n cheese and a protein but there weren’t enough appetizer choices.
    5. The plates are TOO small for the food (at least the fried chicken). I was annoyed that I could not cut into my chicken on my teeny tiny plate.

    On the plus side, the space is still nice. The staff are very nice. The drinks were good too. The food was solid.


  • Still Concerned

    Just so we’re clear…these are still the same owners that illegally opened their restaurant to a private party despite being shut down by the DOH because a vermin infestation, right? New name, new decor, new (although returning) chef, new menu…all sounds good, yet are we just supposed to forget about their highly questionable business practices?

    Am I missing something here?

  • David

    I have lived in the Heights for over 30 years. We dine out at least several times a week and have eaten in every restaurant in the area. The food, service and atmosphere at Bread and Butter are the best. The food is good and a good value, the service is very attentive and friendly, the owners are terrific and the noise level is not overwhelming as in some of the neighboring establishments.
    The predictable negative review seems to be based on a personal agenda and not on an objective and fair review which is not helpful.
    If you are coming to the Heights for the first time, try Bread and Butter. If you have already been there you will go back.

  • nabeguy

    I just walked by B&B and the place was packed. It would seem that the lure of short ribs has resulted in short memories, Still Concerned.

  • Rachel

    Ate there tonight. Pretty good! Only minor complaints:
    1. The cornbread that they serve is delicious, but would be better warm.
    2. I noticed that the butter dishes just sit out on a shelf, until they get placed on someone’s table. That can’t be too sanitary…
    3. The bread and butter pickles that they put on the table were delicious, but I’m not sure they really went well with the cornbread.

    On the other hand, the squash with maple syrup side dish was delectable.