CB2 January Meeting Recap

Last night’s Community Board 2 meeting began on a somber note, as Borough President Marty Markowitz addressed the board about the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti.

“Whatever impacts Haiti impacts Brooklyn big time,” he said, citing that Brooklyn has the largest Haitian population in the United States. He encouraged people to open their checkbooks in the coming days.

On the transportation front, the committee chair told the board that there was a discussion about reversing the direction of traffic on Love Lane, which runs in Brooklyn Heights between Henry and Hicks streets. The reason for the potential switch is because trucks are having trouble delivering to the CVS Pharmacy on the corner.

It was announced that Senator Squadron had advocated and secured the continued operation of the B25 bus line, which was threatened to be cut as part of the MTA’s doomsday budget.

District Manager Rob Perris said that later this spring, there would be extensive road work on Flatbush Avenue, between Tillary Street and Hanson Place. This, coupled with planned work on both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, could make for a traffic nightmare for Heights drivers.

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  • hicks street

    I think it would be good if they reversed the traffic on Love Lane.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yes, and College Place should be made one way, north-bound.

    Seriously, then the giant tractor trailers unloading at CVS will have Great Fun turning onto Hicks.

  • someone

    I don’t get it either why a reversal of Love Lane traffic flow would improve the situation. The exit onto Henry Street might be easier than the other way around. On the other side the cars which go against the one way street there frequently will now be legal, but probably be replaced now with cars from the other directions. Therefore why not just make the street both ways?

  • Love Lane Resident

    I don’t understand how switching the direction of traffic on Love Lane would help trucks delivering to CVS. It’s somewhat difficult for large/long trucks to turn the corner coming from hicks street onto love lane. However, it would also be very difficult for these same trucks to turn the corner from love lane onto hicks street after they’ve completed the unloading process at CVS. This makes no sense to me. I also strongly feel that New York City should limit the size of trucks in neighborhoods like Brooklyn Heights with narrow streets.

  • my2cents

    Yes, I think reversing the direction is fine but won’t really solve the problem due to the size of the trucks and the size of the street and tightness of the corners.

  • Lea, Williamsburg

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