Five Questions for Steve Levin

levinEarlier this month, Steve Levin began work as the new City Council member for the 33rd District. BHB caught up with Levin to see how he was enjoying his new gig.

How was your first week?
It’s been great. My days have been busy with various constituent groups. We’re facing a lot of progress on a number of issues.

How’s the office? Have you decorated yet?
Just for this month we’re in the former council member Yassky’s office on Court Street, so were keeping the decorations to a minimum.

What’s the first thing you want to get done?
There are a lot of issues rapidly approaching, but what’s important is addressing community issues. We’re working on the traffic issue in Brooklyn Heights. One issue is I see cars circling looking for parking, so we’re working on a residential parking permit program.

Other issues I’m looking to address early on include Brooklyn Bridge Park and keeping the progress going. I’m also involved in the issue of helicopter tours over Brooklyn Heights. We’re looking at ways to limit that.

How available will you be to your constituents?
Well, that has always been a priority for me. The most essential function of a city council member is to serve the needs of the community. For my office, we’re looking at a storefront space [on Atlantic Avenue] where people can come in any time. And, I obviously have a great staff with lots of experience with constituent issues.

Any surprises so far?
I’m pleased with how busy we are. My days have been filled with meetings.

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  • nabeguy

    Not for nothing, but you had 5 questions and you asked how he decorated his office? That’s not a softball question, that’s fungo.

  • AEB

    “There are a lot of issues rapidly approaching [better duck!], but what’s important is addressing community issues [as opposed to…world peace?]. We’re working on the traffic issue [that’s three “issue/s” in as many sentences] in Brooklyn Heights [as opposed to Tashkent?]. One issue [!!!!!] is I see [hovering just over there…] cars circling looking [as hard as they can] for parking , so we’re working on a residential parking permit program.


    Grade: Z

  • nabeguy

    Almost sounds like Prof. Irwin Corey, right?

  • Homer Fink

    Let me say this about that — this is our “welcome wagon” piece about Mr. Levin.
    Plenty of time for chin music later if necessary. For now we wish him lucksky… I mean luck.

  • AEB

    …sounds like someone in the G. Bush mode of wayward articulation….

  • Josh

    “…facing a lot of progress” would hope that my council member would be creating progress rather than standing next to it….

    even worse are the issues he cited which are all recycled from what he has read presumably on this site..helicopters over the promenade is a BHA flag raiser…

    the only solace I have is that maybe hopefully he is lacking any new ideas because he has to think for himself instead of being a continued pawn of Vito Lopez…

  • nabeguy

    LOL, Homer, you are a pisser. Given Levin’s chin, it will probably be a minuet, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…for now.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    He’s certainly decorative.

  • Joe Nardiello

    You provide this new Councilman with 5 questions, and these are his best answers?.. on a website (that he clearly scanned, to answer your Q’s) he doesn’t reflect on the ongoing battle over LICH: He’s already been asked by the Daily News to respond to the Atlantic Avenue corridor being on of NYC’s most deadly — and he answered last week, that maybe Atlantic Ave. needs “traffic calming” measures.. gee? ya think!?

    But, ensuring safety isn’t his top-of-agenda… neither are issues of education or poverty/unemployment.. the Gowanus Houses and others are IN HIS DISTRICT whether he’s been there, or not… the Gowanus Canal and pumping station are in his district.

    But..adding a tax, with the absurd Residential Parking Permit tax/system, where residents’ family will be charged for overnight stays, and any driving visitor to Montague St. or Henry St. or Atlantic Ave. or Flatbush Ave. or 7th Avenue, to name a few.. will be charged… small businesses will be affected by people that would “want no part” of now driving in baked good, shopping, etc. The worst idea imaginable, during the 3rd year of the “great Recession” of which’s Name Should Not be Mentioned, anymore?..

    Embarrassing to elect a man to represent Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill and parts of the Gowanus and Prospect Heights… and his main “things to do” — is simply following along with a lobbyist/special interest in Transportation Alternatives to try and reduce the number of cars/and infuriate many of our residents & small businesses…along the way.

    Take the kid gloves off. Because we’re not paying this guy, kid wages.