Return to Sender: Graffiti Goon Guder Strikes Again in Brooklyn Heights?


Is “Guder“, aka admitted vandal Joe Daiuto of Hawthorne, NJ using a new moniker?


This morning, BHB commenter AEB speculated that Guder had freshly tagged the mailbox at the southwest corner of Hicks and Middagh.  Closer inspection reveals that Guder’s November tag has been erased but has been freshly replaced by “Sender”, written in an eerily similar style to the Guder.  Law enforcement sources suggest to BHB that taggers  could resort to changing their moniker after being caught.

Sender’s “art” has also made its way to a mailbox at the corner of Cranberry and Willow, a utility box in front of 80 Cranberry and newspaper boxes in front of the Brooklyn Heights Cinema.  Those boxes offer the best in-person side-by-side comparison of the two tags.

Markings on the facade of Jack the Horse (66 Hicks Street) believed to be new by some commenters, turned out to be the same tags we reported on in November.

At the time of Daiuto’s November arrest and reported admission, Community Board 2’s Robert Perris told the Brooklyn Paper, “There will be pressure on the District Attorney’s office to do more than just a slap on the wrist… We’re not talking about 14-year-olds. This is not a youthful indiscretion, but an adult decision.”



This story was updated at 6:30pm on 12/30/09 with new information and photographs.

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  • my2cents

    I live on that block, and I think that stuff is old. I didn’t notice anything new on the way to work, but I know that JtH had 2 tags that they never painted over. So unless there are 4 tags on there now, these are old tags. The one on Antonio’s building (64 Hicks is still there too.)

  • GHB

    If that was old, don’t you think that JTH would have painted it over by now?

  • AEB

    Mayhap these tags are old; but I can attest that the one on the mailbox is new, as I described in today’s Open Thread, below.

    In any case, the issue, to my mind, is that this guy IS STILL OUT THERE VANDALIZING PROPERTY.


    Another thought: there’s a GUDER copycat. Which may be twice as depressing.

  • AEB

    If the J the H tags ARE old–why wouldn’t the restaurant’s owner have had them painted out by now?

    I mean, does he (it IS a he, right?), think they’re cool? Add to the the place’s cachet? Can’t afford paint?

    Allowing the tags to remain is a tacit endorsement of their author’s vandalism, as I see it, besides feeding his ego.

    There’s also the “broken window” syndrome: destruction and neglect beget further destruction and neglect.

  • my2cents

    AEB, it is not my place to guess at Tim’s intentionality or reasoning, but as I live next door to his restaurant, I can testify that there are 2 tags on it that had not been painted out from the first round. I walk by them every day. So if those are the tags you are referring to, then there is no new Guder grafitti.

  • my2cents

    But I am sure you must be right about the mailbox one. In any case, I share your outrage and disgust.

  • Monty

    @AEB, A copycat? Could it be one of us? Someone disgruntled about not making the BHB Ten this year?

  • AEB

    Actually, Monty, it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the lead pipe….

    PS, I swear, attest, and in all ways pledge, on the many bones of my departed ancestors, that there’s new GUDER graffiti on the mailbox.


    Tis true.

  • suerte

    We had someone tag the front of our old shop on Atlantic ave right before we moved 2 years ago, the landlord moved into our space, the tag is still there. It could be for many reasons: They dont care, they dont notice it, they aren’t anal, it will just get tagged again, the excuses are endless.
    Some kid tagged a penis on a fence on my block in Cobble Hill on halloween, it lasted 3 weeks, a penis. graffiti just doesn’t bother some people as much as it does others.

  • Publius

    I’ve been walking by these tags every day for at least a month, and probably longer. Pretty sure they pre-date the Guder ‘n Rex takedown. Sure wish Tim wold take care of the grafitti.

    I did notice a new tag on the Hicks & Middagh mailbox. Instead of Guder, it now appears to say Sudder. I was wondering if a certain US Supreme Court justice has his own tag variation.

  • nabeguy

    Having Jalisco’ed the previous tags on that mailbox, I’m sad to report that that it appears we probably have a new tagger in our midst. As Publius reports, the name seems to be “Souder”or “Sender”(which would make sense on a mailbox). In any case, the style is totally different.
    The JTH tag is definitely not new, although I did see a Guder tag on the Brooklyn Eagle building that seemed to be a post-arrest one.
    suerte, you’ve got to admit the kid defined himself with his tag. I can’t speak for your neighbors, but maybe he was trying to.

  • suerte

    he did it on 2 cars too, I sent them to Homer, who didnt even beleive they were phalices..

  • suerte

    “believe” that is..

  • AEB

    Undoubtedly there’s a preponderant graffiti-tag style, dictated, partly, by the exigencies of “writing” with paint in an aerosol can.

    What seems most important to me is that the tags go.

    Nabeguy, what means by Jalisco’ed? If one other than the PO, whom I kept petitioning to remove the tags, was responsible for taking them away–well, this is disconcerting, as it would make my efforts in trying to get them “officially” removed now seem ineffective. (I even called my contact at the PO to thank her for helping to get the work done.)

    Though I repeat: the important thing is that the tags go away.

  • nabeguy

    AEB, I commend your faith in the federal bureaucracy, but sometimes, you have to take the scrub-brush into your own hands. Perhaps if the tag had been “Anthrax” the response from the GPO might have been quicker.

  • AEB

    Oh, dear. Thanks, Nabe. Well, disillusion is adult stuff–they say.

  • Kim G

    Cars were also tagged???

  • lifer

    the guy on my block in Cobble Hill tagged cars, not the heights guys

  • Mickey

    Something doesn’t seem right. There is too much variance to the writing styles in the four pictures above. If tagging is like a signature, could “Sender” be a group of people?

  • nabeguy

    lifer, your culprit is definitely taking things to another level. A mans home may be his castle, but his car is…well, you know, it’s his, um… ok I got nothing, but analogies aside, it just seems so much more personal. There wouldn’t be an environmentalist slant to it, would there?

  • nabeguy

    AEB, don’t give up. This provides a perfect opportunity to reinstate your petition to the PO. and, this time, I’ll be the patient one.

  • AEB

    It’s plain: Sender is/are the antichrist.

  • AEB

    No, nabe: I think your MO’s the far shorter distance between before and after.

    Stay tuned….

  • Clintonious Wow

    Why not call him for a comment?

  • bklyn20

    There’s a large new “Sender”/”Bender”/”Souder” on the phone repair/utility box on the southwest corner of Joralemon & Hicks. Hideous!

  • BrklynPaint

    Trust me guys, even if you dont see a distinction between tagging public property (Mostly mailboxes and street lights), private property and cars. The taggers do. Very few taggers think its ok to tag cars.

  • Ozymandias

    If you would think for a second about the purpose of tagging, it would make no sense for a person to change their tag or pen-name.

  • nabeguy

    Personally, I prefer not to think for a nano-second about the purpose of tagging. Why waste precious time on such a senseless activity?

  • Frank

    I saw a Guder tag on a city-owned car parked on Cadman Plaza East in front of the city disaster command center.

  • Ozymandias

    It’s not really a senseless activity, just because you don’t like it or appreciate it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value for others.