Open Thread Wednesday 12/30/09

Flickrphoto by jglsongs

Flickrphoto by jglsongs

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  • AEB

    Extremely p*ssed to report that Guder (or a copycat) is back: new tags with his name on Jack the Horse and, yes, once again, the mailbox on the SW corner of Hicks and Middagh.

    What can be done to stop this truly sociopathological behavior? Visions of public pillorying/tar-and-feathering dance in my head Why is this guy still able to do his thing?

    Are these rhetorical questions?

    I’ll call 311. Again.

  • AAR

    I also see that the tags are back, especially in the North Heights, and agree that it is offensive and hard to deal with. I recall someone saying that quick removal is the best way to thwart/frustrate the taggers. Maybe we need a neighborhood graffiti squad to remove or paint out the tag as soon as it appears. In the meantime let’s deluge 311 with calls.

  • someone

    I think there is one at Poplar and Henry as well on the 20 Henry fence.

  • ClarknHenry

    My complaint has to do with these flyer distibutors — the little baggies filled with circulars. They are distributed every Wednesday, and they blow all over the neighborhood for days. I know all about the signs, and finally got them to stop distibuting to my building, which was very difficult in itself… but I find it appalling that they are able to pursue this flawed business model without impunity. These flyers are neither solicited, nor addressed to anyone, just left everywhere under, what, the guise of free speech? More like LITTER, if you ask me. Anybody care to join me in a class-action citizen’s arrest? I want to bring these guys DOWN…

  • ts

    as long as we’re bitching, can that wanker who leaves locksmith fliers at 2 Grace please stop? You’ve pretty guaranteed that should I get locked out I WILL NOT CALL YOU.

  • Kim G.

    I haven’t noticed the “tagging” but was wondering if it’s “art” or gang related. I don’ like to see any of it but it would be important to give the police a head up.

  • AEB

    Those plastic-bagged things ARE a pain in the azz. I’m more or less resigned to having to scoop up the ones dropped at my building’s door and carry them to the trash–or attempt to, as they invariably slip and slide out my grasp.


  • AEB
  • my2cents

    AEB, are you serious? New tags?? Damn.
    You’re sure they aren’t the preexisting ones on JtH onthe doorpost? They still hadn’t painted over the first ones.

  • AEB

    my2, unfortunately, I AM. The one on the mailbox has got to be new, because the old ones were (semi-) cleaned away. Awoke this morning, looked out a window, and there it was: GUDER, this time in silver and a single iteration.

    As for the tags on J the H, unless old conspicuous ones weren’t cleaned off–hard to imagine–there are three fresh ones. Will check the relevant BHB pix to make sure.

    But in any case….

  • Kim G

    Thanks AEB

  • rooco

    This bastard Guder tagged Great Wall.

  • nabeguy

    He tagged Great Wall? What cojones. I think I’ll avoid the place for a while…he might be on the menu.

  • x

    Where can I find someone to notarize my documents in the nabe?

  • budgeteer

    Re Notary

    TD Bank on Montague and Court has free notary service for both account holders and non-aqccount holders.

  • StephM

    Hey……really… want to know what’s on my mind? Well, today I was painting my office and repairing drywall and installing stuff like mirrors, and I was thinking about posting on this site! Crazy eh?

    I live in Canada, I love Brooklyn Hts and NYC and visit fairly regularly. When I have time, which I do this week, I check out your blog and have a few good laughs about what the locals talk about and I dream…

  • StephM

    PS…any single, decent men, 40-50 on this site? Like classical music and would go to Lincoln Centre last weekend in January?

    Sorry, just had to ask! Happy New Year!

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I always thought this site could also serve as a networking vehicle for single adults in Brooklyn Heights and elsewhere.

    We could start of with “Bachelor of the Week” with a BHB email attached for responses.

    I use to love to go to this restaurant on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan and they would have multiple books with bio’s and pictures of individuals looking for a date. The bio’s were extensive and the individuals submitting their info were very professional. If you saw someone you liked and wanted to contact them, you would leave a response with the staff and they would relay the info. Supposedly, they were responsible for many a marriage.

    Single Brooklyn Heights guys out there, step up. StephM sounds like a sweetheart. Who is first?

  • StephM

    Ah Karl, thanks, that is very sweet. I totally agree that there could be a singles networking aspect on this site. The problem with the biggies is that they are too broad and too scary; at least here, you immediately have some common interests. That restaurant sounds very cool.

    I’m so glad that at least the first response was positive. I was quite prepared to be branded for writing something like that on here! (Still am actually.)

    Keep your eyes peeled for me….lol…Happy New Year!

  • The Where

    It’s all fun and games until the first stalker finds a date.

  • MAK

    I second (third?) the thought of a BHB-supported neighborhood meeting spot — online or off. It would be nice to get to know other age appropriate (or not) residents to hand out with in the ‘hood.

  • MAK

    I meant ‘hang out’ not hand out, for the time being anyway.

  • clarker

    Was I the only one who attended “singles night” at Great Wall? I didn’t end up finding a date, but the food more than made up for that.

  • harumph

    off line please…. wouldn’t mind it if it was first set up through the BHB but then a BHB singles forum should live its own life outside BHB site – my thoughts anyway….

  • rondo


    I was there toward the end. There was a surprising Mormon element.

  • AEB

    Before becoming a primo pickup site, Great Wall was one of the main stops on the Underground Railway….

  • Alex

    Doesn’t even just have to be for singles. I’m sure newcomers would love the chance to meet some neighbors. The sporadic BHB gatherings are a great idea, but they don’t happen very often and I always seems to have other obligations by the time they’re announced.

  • Homer Fink

    We’ll be doing another one at Roebling Inn soon… Also follow the Brooklyn Bugle on Twitter @brooklynbugle for other events/fun

  • north heights res

    Homer, I tried to follow @brooklynbugle, but was told there’s no account with that name. ????

  • Homer Fink