GUDER, Graffiti Goon, Defaces North Heights

Graffiti goon GUDER "tags" 68 Hicks Street

Graffiti goon GUDER "tags" 68 Hicks Street

A Graffiti Goon using the “tag” GUDER is on a rampage in the North Heights. BHB community member Andrew Porter sent us photos of some of this social misfit’s “art” sprayed on various surfaces around Hicks Street including the side of the lovingly restored 68 Hicks Street.

If you see this GUDER person (we prefer the more accurate “putz”) in action call the cops. If you’ve been a victim of this “artist”, you may be eligible for clean up funds from the city.  And if you know this GUDER character, just rat him out – judging by his actions he’s (or she) is the type of sociopath who’d turn you in.

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  • another jen

    yeah and FOUR of the same tag on a mailbox on Hicks. We get it – you are not an artist.

  • my2cents

    These photos are showing the “fruits” of this loser’s SECOND run on the hood. The first round he used blue ink, and got Jack the Horse’s front window and other spots up and down the block. What an a$$hat. I want to give him a one way bus ride back to Williamsburg where he can commiserate with other spoiled losers like himself.

  • AEB

    Called 311 and had a report filed re the defaced mailbox. Told that it would be repainted within a week. I’ll keep on it….

  • high brook

    On another note, if you draw a line through the tag, or “cap” it, it is considered a strong insult to the vandal. If I wasn’t afraid of the cops nabbing me for graffiti I would draw lines through all of this clown’s tags, letting him know he’s not welcome here.

    His tags are all over Pineapple walk as well. After my block got hit I have been on Guber Watch.

  • jiker

    oooooo that’s pretty hardcore!

  • my2cents

    We just painted his shizzz over. Hey man, I saw Style Wars.

  • Bart

    Perhaps he’s a disgruntled linguist who believes the comparative for “good” should be “guder” rather than the standard “better.” The genius of his art is so elusive that only he can really appreciate it…

  • AEB

    Is it possible that “he”‘s a she? And if so….disquisition time on why we’ve all assumed Guder is male…..

  • Peter

    I also noticed some profane — and witless — graffiti within the A-C High Street subway stop. I will spare you the details of the weak rhyme, but it is written in at least 4 places on the platform. I normally wouldn’t bat an eye, but this recent graffiti splurge just seems out of place for this neighborhood, that is the only reason I even noticed it.

    I guess being one stop from Fulton Street, quite possibly the most grotesque public transportation hub in this country, doesn’t help our cause. Has that stop ever NOT smelled like urine?

  • bklyn20

    FYI, on metal surfaces, a good-quality, ie name brand, oven cleaner will get out a lot of graffiti paints. It may work on other surfaces as well, but I haven’t tried that (yet.)

  • Nick

    The front door of my building was recently tagged (46 Henry Street), but it was with purple paint and was a different name (I can’t remember the name – the landlord had the front door cleaned rather quickly).

    I’m wondering if it’s kids staying in the dorm at the St. George Hotel. I often see them loitering and riding their skateboards up and down Henry Street when I come home late at night.

  • Hicks St guy

    I believe that this jackass’ tags should not be
    photographed and shown in this website.
    the perp. may get off on it. (notice no gender!)

  • Mickey

    Nick, let’s not try to put blame where there is no evidence. On the other hand, those same kids could be one of the cops’ best resources in finding out who Guder is.

  • mike

    Nick – your comment about the purple paint lends credibility to the theory that it is kids from the dorm. The first time Hicks St got hit, it was with the purple marker as well, they got doors and windows (same as Henry St that night). I followed the natural progression of the tags and, guess what, it led to the dorm. On a door at the dorm, I saw the same purple marker and upwards of 6 different tags made using said marker.

    Thus, my theory: Students were hanging out smoking cigarettes outside of the dorm with a marker, decided it would be fun to each make up a tag (which they all practiced on that door), then a couple of them went around the neighborhood taking turns hitting different buildings. Then Guber went around with a yellow (and white on Cranberry Walk) marker to tag on his (or her) own.

  • Mickey

    I think you should leave detective work to the professionals, mike. It sounds more like you just have an axe to grind against the dorm kids. Followed the natural progression? Give us a break!

  • nabeguy

    Nobody’s ruder than guder. Which is probably this tagger’s point. I kind of agree with the notion that any publicity surrounding the offense may be a driving motivation behind it. Perhaps one photo would be enough of an example, but showing all of them is providing this moron with free internet gallery space.

  • GHB

    Guder also tagged at least one elevator at the Clark Street station. I didn’t notice…are there cams?

  • Mickey

    There is a single camera on the lower level doors. I’m not sure about street level; there may not be because of the 24-hour booth attendants. Whether the camera(s) work is another story!

  • Nick

    Of course we can’t place definitive blame on anybody without evidence. I’m just saying my educated guess is that it’s kids in the dorm. Buildings and other structures are usually tagged at night and by young people. We have a lot more students in the neigborhood than before and I see them roaming the streets of our neighborhood at night. It’s nothing against kids or students in general – I used to be both myself.

  • my2cents

    I bet it is a disgruntled accountant who lives on willow, not one of those dorm kids…

  • Suerte

    My vote’s on a kid from the neighborhood, St Anns student, BK Friends student, or even Packer. Parents look at your kids notebook, you might be surprised.

  • my2cents

    My first thought was St. Anns student wearing a crested blazer. remember that story back in the day?

  • nabeguy

    I think I may have actually seen the culprits, although not in the actual act. Sunday evening, there were a couple of teen-aged hoodie-boys riding their boards up and down the hill on Middagh Street between Hicks and Willow, coincidentally where most of the tags happen to be. Mind you, not college-aged and no crested blazers. I didn’t pay it any mind at the time, but I’ll be prepared to put sticks in their wheels the next time. And Suerte’s right…the last bunch of graffiti banditos were caught by going up on their own schoolbooks. Most likely bored neighborhood miscreants who will be punished by having to pay for their own lift tickets on the family ski trip to Vail.

  • Takena

    Good Morning BHB and Andrew Porter,

    News 12 Brooklyn is interested in covering a story on this graffiti rampage in your area. Would you, Andrew, be available to interview with us on camera today about the vandalism? Or is there anyone else who has been affected by the graffiti willing to interview with us? Please give us a call back at 718-861-6818 or email us at

    Thank you,

    Takena Russell
    Assignment Editor
    News 12 Brooklyn
    930 Soundview Avenue
    Bronx, New York 10473
    (718) 861-6818
    Fax: (718) 328-7420

  • mike

    Nabeguy, I saw the same thing the Tuesday night that Hicks between Middagh and Cranberry got hit. Two kids on skateboards hanging out. Didn’t think anything of it at the time either, but could be a pattern. Now that I think about it, I can’t think of a good reason to want to skateboard on Hicks St (a lot of traffic, dimly lit, not a lot of things to jump on/off of).

  • No One of Consequence

    Skateboarding is not a crime.
    (yes, yes,,, defacing property is…)

  • nabeguy

    You’re right nooc, but it could be a mode of transportation to and from a crime, no?

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    “graffiti rampage”???

  • my2cents

    “Skateboarding Hooligans on Graffiti Rampage in Posh Brooklyn Neighborhood!”

  • nabeguy

    And that’s coming from someone who’s based in the Bronx!!