Update on Graffiti

In response to comments about a graffiti spree in the neighborhood, we spoke to someone at 311 about the process that takes place when someone calls them about graffiti.  When graffiti on a building is reported to 311 by a non-owner of the building, 311 will pass the information along to the appropriate agency (typically the Department of Sanitation), and they will contact the owner of the building through the mail. The building owner can authorize the city to take care of cleanup on their building by sending in their signature, but cleaning usually takes place in the Spring time, around April. Alternately, the building owner can also opt to clean up the graffiti on their own if they want it taken care of in a more timely manner. Prompt cleanup and removal of the graffiti is one of the most effective deterrents to repeat offenses.

The person I spoke to at the Brooklyn Heights Association wasn’t aware of any reports they’ve received about graffiti, so if you see something, give them a call: 718-858-9193.

I’m waiting to hear back from the 84th Precinct- seems to go straight to voicemail.

If you see any graffiti vandalism in progress, call 911. There’s even a Graffiti Rewards Program outlined in the “Combatting Graffiti” publication from the NYPD:

Members of the public are eligible for up to a five hundred dollars ($500.00) reward for reporting graffiti vandalism in progress through 911 or or providing information regarding graffiti vandalism to the City-Wide Vandals Task Force through 311. The information must result in the arrest and conviction of individual(s) for violations of Administrative Code Provisions or Penal Law Statues regarding graffiti vandalism. This program will be administered by the City-Wide Vandals Task Force.

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