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A while back, we reported on what seemed to be a trend of restaurant mascot assaults.  “Aram” writes to the BHB Inbox with word of another senseless attack:

IMG_0139.JPGYou may be interested in this.  This morning (saturday), around 9:30 a.m. I was walking home from having breakfast on the promenade in Brooklyn Heights, and when I reached Remsen between hicks and henry, I saw something strange on the ground.  It was a broken statue, much like those that appear outside tacky restaurants to hold a menu of daily specialties.  His legs were missing and his arm was broken.
Then, at the edge of the block (henry), I saw his feet.  It looked like someone carried him (possibly from Monty Q’s, though I did not check), down the block where his legs snapped off… in a panic, the vandals (ok, alleged vandals) then rushed down the block heading towards the promenade when they ditched the statue, thereby breaking off his arm.  That’s my Law & Order style hypothesis.  Anyway, I thought you guys might be interested in the photos (taken with my glorious iPhone).

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  • bongo

    Although I don’t condone this alleged action, anything that reduces the number of these grotesque displays is always welcome. Perhaps these are the new Golems?

  • JL

    Perhaps a job for Jack Spratt and his friends at the NCD?

  • newf

    It’s a shame when people have enough time on their hands to damage the property of others that cost them an arm and a leg, no pun intended!