Mascots Beware


Over the last few weeks, BHB has noticed an odd and ominous trend — restaurant mascots are being brutalized.

Sure, some of you reading this may have roughed up a Bob’s Big Boy statue during your college days, but he probably deserved it. However, the mighty mascots of the Heights are just innocent standees trying to make a living getting you to sample some tasty vittles.

Case in point: The Taze mascot guy on Montague. He’s been roughed up a little and half his face was gone last week.

Case in point: The senseless de-earing of the Blue Pig on Henry Street.

muffin.JPGNo word yet on whether or not the Connecticut Muffin Ice Cream Cone has hired a bodyguard.

Photos by Mrs. Fink

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  • Ugh

    $50 says it’s a student from Pace.

  • No Name

    $100 says it’s a student from Packer.

  • Just me

    Packer?? Try St. Ann’s

  • Jen

    The kids in the Pace dorm are too busy playing their music unbelieveably loud all night long. Can’t wait for them to leave.