Hey Pool Lady!


Depending on when you were born, the name of the pool barge coming to Brooklyn Heights piers 4 and 5 evokes either Jerry Lewis or the Beastie Boys. The Floating Lady will open on July 4.

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  • Just me

    Ooooh… this could be fun! No more long bus ride to Red Hook with the kids?? Hmmm…. stay tuned!

  • http://bk11201.com EJ

    Are those Piers 4 & 5? I thought that it was going to be docked at the end of Atlantic Ave?

  • this makes my day

    HOLY $&^%– I’m so excited. I love that thing. I thought they were moving her….

  • Bklyn Native

    In theory it sounds great. In reality, bathing with scores of my fellow citizens and their little pischers turning the pool yellow means I’ll remain sunbathing in my back yard with a sun reflector, speedo, cowboy boots and boom box. :-)

  • brooklyn heights lady

    I have heard some rumors that the Floating lady may be moved to the Bronx next year. NO NO NO…the pool has to stay in the Heights. Another pool can be built for bronx residents but Heighters (and adjoining neighbors) have the right to cool off as well. This is the first outdoor pool we have ever had. IS the Astoria pool being moved…No, is the pool in RedHook being moved…NO, are the other pools in other neighborhoods that have enjoyed the benefit of cooling off in the heat of the summer being moved….NO.
    So why us? Build another in the Bronx. Each neighborhood, should have some access to outdoor pools.
    Please do not take away our neighborhood pool. We also enjoy being “Cool in Our Code” as well.