Le Petit Marky

"Jenni" writes to the BHB Inbox:

My finance and I were eating a late dinner at Le Petit Marche last night..around 10pm.  There were two other tables in the restaurant.  One of them was Marky Ramone, long time drummer of The Ramones, eating and talking "biz" with another long haired dude in sunglasses and two totally 80's women in their forties.  All with THICK Queens accents…it was awesome. Alas, i was not brave enough to take a photo.

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  • Sheena

    Gabba gabba, hey! Gabba gabba, hey!

  • Lifer

    in the brooklyn heights deli (state and henry), theres a picture of either the Ramones, or just one of them (i cant remember, Marky?) and its signed to the owner, its been there forever… maybe theres a connection with the Ramones and the heights…