Happy Birthday BHB

One year ago today, Qfwfq, Mrs. Fink and I got our act together and launched Brooklyn Heights Blog.  As mentioned in our first post, we started this blog to fill a gap that wasn't being addressed by the popular Brooklyn blogs or by local newspaper websites.  I hope we've done that so far.  We also asked for neighbors to contribute to BHB and that's happened in a big way via BHB Photo Club and with contributions from Claude Scales, Marc Hermann, Miriam Tierney and countless others.

BHB is a labor of love for us.  While other bloggers are trying to create revenue generating empires we're just happy to write a couple of posts a day and hoist a pint or two with you at our favorite watering holes. (If we ever make "f-you" money off this thing, we'll be sure to throw one heckuva block party.)

So another year for BHB begins. Please continue to Read, Comment and Contribute.

Can't think of a better tune to spin right now:

Celebrate BHB's First Anniversary at Magnetic Field Wednesday 8/8.


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  • LD

    Happy Brithday BHB and congrats to Qfwfq, Homer and Mrs. Fink! You guys do a great job. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication so we can rant and rave, share info and learn more about our neighborhood.

  • http://www.curlymcdimple.com curly mcdimple

    Happy birthday! I’m so glad I found BHB. It’s been so helpful in keeping up with neighborhood news and events.

    Congrats and many thanks for all your hard work!

  • http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a242/magarmor/teesorama/madeinbrooklynsm.jpg MadeInBrooklyn

    Happy birthday to BHB… Thanks for the excellent reading all around!

  • http://www.dumbonyc.com DumboNYC

    Thanks for a year of posts! Looking forward to another year of BHB. From your neighbor down the street, DumboNYC.com

  • JL

    Happy Birthday BHB, keep up the good work. You certainly are one of the most valuable neighborhood resources.