Open Thread Wednesday 8/1/07


Many things to kick around this week including:

Scaffolding down at 60 Henry, will this help Oven, Blue Pig and Busy Chef? 

Mansion House elm tree meeting… a little too secret? 

Too much skin on Joralemon… what's the real story? 

Weekly Ricky's "adult" product conversation/controversy… 

Middle school in DUMBO

Plan for 73 Pineapple called "foreboding"… 

… and whatever else you'd like to discuss… 

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

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  • Me

    I’ve noticed some construction going on in the former Thai Grill location on Henry St (near the corner of Clark St). Does anyone know what may be coming to the space?

  • nabeguy

    Saw the same thing, but didn’t garner any details. Looks like someones got a lot of work ahead of them to clear that space out, since the Thai Grill folks basically disappeared after getting shut down and left everything behind. Whatever goes in will be a welcome change from an unused space (and it’s a great space at that). BTW, has anyone actually seen the proposal for 73 Pineapple? I’m trying to translate “foreboding” into architectural terms.

  • Tim N.

    I was wondering that, too, about 73 Pineapple. Anyone got the pics?

    Still waiting for the bikinis of Clark Street…

  • Homer Fink

    Tried to get something, but apparently there’s nothing electronic available (at least that’s what we’ve been told for now).

  • Tim N.

    HF: Are we talking buildings or bikinis?

  • yo

    Anyone know anything about the heavy street construction going on this morning on Aitken place? Sidney Pl. was shut down to traffic (although not at the intersection of Sidney and State, causing cars that turned on Sidney to back out to State). About two weeks ago a couple of large, concrete structures were dropped on Sidney place. I presume the work going on is the installation of those structures.

  • Homer Fink

    hehe 73 Pineapple… the building.

  • nabeguy

    Tim N…good one, needed the laugh.

  • redbaron

    Sorry–unrelated to above posts–but wondering if anyone has used and can recommend a local petsitting service (for cats).


  • nabeguy

    RedBaron, just look to the left side of this site under Local Businesses and you’ll se a listing for Walkie Doggie. Haven’t tried them but their web site seems professional and their pricing is reasonable.

  • redbaron

    Thanks, Nabeguy!

  • spm

    Also, check with Tom at Perfect Paws. I know they groom and sit some cats as well as dogs and he’s always very helpful. Perfect Paws is on Hicks and Pineapple.

  • Ernesto G

    Has anyone been to the floating pool on the weekend? We have some friends coming in town for the weekend and they have young kids, and thought it would be a fun place to go. Is it crowded? Is the pool accessible around noon? Any advice is appreciated.

  • hoppy

    Has anyone bought fish at Peas and Pickles on Henry St? Great beer selection, but I always wonder about that big fish counter…

  • Vishnu Jones

    P&P fish… surprisingly good.

  • bongo

    Agreed, P&P fish can be surprisingly good

  • mbf

    i always get my seafood from Fish Tales on Court Street in cobble hill, always great quality and nice selection.

  • embee

    Just a warning to be careful when out alone at night! My neighbor was mugged the other night (1 a.m. or so) on Cranberry. Police said it was a rare occurrence, but it’s rather sobering nonetheless, especially as he got beat up a bit in the process (he’s fine, but a bit bruised).

  • Teddy

    Fish Tales on Court St. (Cobble Hill) is very good if not a little expensive depending on what you buy. embee, you’ll always have opportunists from the nearby projects & elsewhere lurking in the dark, quiet streets, especially during the warm months. I once spoke to a cop from the 84th and he told me that Brooklyn Heights is a target neighborhood and people from as far away as the Bronx have come here to “walk around” (based on their arrests). This was during the 1990s. It’s always a good idea to walk with someone late at night, unfortunately that’s often not practical. Sometimes there’s not much you can do other than avoiding being out alone late at night.