Middle School Means No Montclair Move

When we were looking for a place in Brooklyn Heights, it became a running gag that everyone who was selling was moving to Montclair. What was the big deal about Montclair? Heck, it's in New Jersey!

Today's New York Times has a story about the fight for a public middle school in the nabe so that parents don't feel like they need to get outta town once their kids are done with P.S. 8:

New York Times: Wanted a School of Their Own: For a long time, Public School 8 in Brooklyn Heights was so troubled, it served as a sort of benchmark for local parents: If your child was old enough to attend, it was probably time to move out of the neighborhood.

Then, starting in 2003, a new principal and a new team of teachers, along with parents and community groups, pursued a spirited revival by investing their energy and, in the case of many parents, their children. The school’s resurgence is credited with both bringing families to the neighborhood and keeping them there. The enterprise has yielded a happy crop of local residents, bound by the shared experience.

But even success stories can bring complications.

“We’ve now reached the point where the students that sort of gambled a little bit on going to P.S. 8 are aging out of that school and would like to stay in a district middle school, but there isn’t one in the area,” said Robert Perris, district manager of the local community board.

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