Daily News on Ricky’s

Interesting quote from Judy Stanton in today's NY Daily News story about the new Ricky's on Montague Street:

NY Daily News: New Beauty Shop…: The glitter and glitz of Ricky's cosmetics stores are coming to quaint Montague St., producing mixed reactions from residents.

The Ricky's chain, which sells cosmetics, hair dye, wigs, bachelorette party fare and has a killer Halloween costume collection, is slated to open its first outlet in Brooklyn around Sept. 1.

"We are very excited to be in Brooklyn Heights, we can't wait," said Dominick Costello, president of Ricky's, adding that the company is also looking into opening branches in nabes such as Park Slope in the near future. The chain already has branches in Manhattan, East Hampton and South Beach, Fla.

"Usually, where there is a good demographic, there is money to be spent," he said of the somewhat strange location choice. "You want to open in areas where people aren't just going to window shop."

Costello also told parents not to fret about the bachelorette party section – where gag gifts and some sex toys can raise eyebrows.

"It is in a back room hidden away," he said. "And we will only carry a limited amount of this stuff here. We know how to be responsible, and do not take the concern lightly."

Judy Stanton, of the Brooklyn Heights Association, hopes Costello is right.

"As long as they keep their promises that children will not be allowed in that area unless accompanied by an adult, then it is fine," said the mother of two.

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  • beth

    Not at all related, but just wanted to say I heard someone getting mugged (I assume) last night on Hicks Street near Cranberry. Didn’t see a thing unfortunately, but it seemed like the guy was ok. I hope so. Sounded like whoever attacked him sped off in a car. A little unsettling. Argh.

  • bean

    @the mother of two quoted in the article: shouldn’t you be MORE worried about kids going into that area with an adult than alone or with eachother?!

  • Liz

    I had a red velvet cupcake at a new bakery on Atlantic Avenue and Court Street -ADAM”S FRESH.
    It was unbelievable!!!! They’re so nice and the prices are incredibly reasonable….I love this place! Go and visit them…they will make you wanna come back!

  • john dominic barbarino

    On Liz’s comments October 19th~

    Hey Liz, sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to get to the new store in Brooklyn and sample Adam’s excellent baking. When are you guys going to bake your wedding cake?

    HNY to Brooklyn Heights!

    Upper East Man