Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper 12/7/09

Here are some of last week’s headlines in case you missed ’em:

fncHalstead Pitches Brooklyn Heights as Tranquil Little Town

It’s a Diner! It’s a Deli! It’s Both and Coming to Court Street

Hunts Lane Parking Situation is a Mess

Morrone, Pearsall to Speak at Bard Breakfast Wednesday

Squadron on Marriage Equality Bill

Michael Townes Manager: People Will Always Do Graffiti

Proof of Occult Gathering in Brooklyn Heights

84th Precinct Police Blotter – 12/1/09

Church Irks Blogger by Blocking Bike Lane on Sundays

Park Progress: Thirty-Fourth Report

Who Should be on the 2009 BHB Ten List?

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  • ABC

    The Tiffany ad that is running on (and @ is the one shot this summer on Cranberry. The model is also local…