Michael Townes Manager: People Will Always Do Graffiti

The city’s new law requiring merchants to use see through roll down gates to curb graffiti is now in effect.  However, one Brooklyn Heights merchant, who already has such a gate, thinks it won’t make much of a difference.

Your Nabe:  Ceaser Molina, the manager of Michael Townes Wines and Spirits, at 73 Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights, said he didn’t even know of the new law and the shop already has gates through which shoppers can gaze into the windows.

“Honestly, no matter what they (the city) do, there will always be people that will do graffiti,” he said.

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  • Curmudgeon

    Yes Michael Townes that is true. There will always be people who do graffiti and people will always litter too and do other nasty things. So we must draw the line in the sand and keep our neighborhood clean.

    If you don’t agree we find will another liquor store who is more community oriented! Your prices aren’t exactly the lowest around! With those extra profits you can well afford the cleaning supplies.

  • AAR

    Curmudgeon – Sorry to say, you have appropriately named yourself! Michael Townes has cheerful windows for which we should be happy. And they are community minded – they contribute to local fundraisers and occasionally have displays that promote local artists and artisans. Throughout the neighborhood merchants who have see-through grates and lighted windows make the area more attractive, which increases foot traffic an altogether positive thing.