Time Warner Cable Out in North Heights

Our cable is out and I can’t get my Sam Champion fix for the morning. Is your TWC service out too? Our broadband connection seems fine.

Update: Responses on Twitter indicate outages in South Brooklyn and Sunset Park as well.

Update: As of 9:30am service has been restored in North Heights.

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  • SC

    DUMBO too, but thankfully internet and phone are still functioning.

  • Travis

    East Williamsburg. Internet is on but cable tv is off as of 8:00 am 12/3

  • Bongo

    Out for me too. Internet is OK. On the plus side, all channels are performing equally, which is statistically better than usual. God, I hate TWC, but I just don’t trust the telephone company to do any better. Do any nabes have FIOS? Is it 100% reliable?

  • http://aol Rachael

    My time warner cable service has been out since 6am this morning…but my phone & internet is working…& i live in brooklyn heights also

  • http://sdfsfdsdf.net Jack

    I’m in Forest Hills, Queens and our boxes have been out since 6 am too. Fortunately, RR is still functioning.

  • Gregorio

    Out in Astoria, Queens. Can’t get a representative on the phone or via live chat

  • hoppy
  • imorgan

    Cable just came on!

  • imorgan

    Oops! Cable out again.

  • No One of Consequence

    Of course they’ll never pro-rate your billing for the outage.

  • Bongo

    Well, nothing lasts forever, out again.

  • JM

    TW Cable SUCKS! We should all be DEMANDING pro-rate credit for as long as the outage lasts. Mine keeps coming/going (it’s 10:30 now).

  • Billy Reno

    Damn! Did I miss the dreamy Michael Bublé on the Today Show?!

  • bornhere

    It was out before I left for work this morning (South Heights), but I did have the Internets and e-mail. Whenever I’m aware of a service loss, I try to call the “magic number”; I seem to recall having been told that service has to be out for four hours before there is any rebate, that the subscriber must call when he or she discovers the outage, and that another call must be made when service returns to report the hours out. It seems to demand way too much bookkeeping. (It’s also interesting that there is a price increase with almost every bill.)

  • WillowtownCop

    They damn well better fix it before dinnertime or people might actually have to speak to their families while they eat!

  • AEB

    TW DOES pro-rate a bill deduction for any outage that lasts more than an hour. Or at least they have for me. Call and ask to speak to billing.

  • since47

    Cable was out because of high winds? I thought everything was underground… Where are we living – Mayberry?

  • BrooklynheightsEm

    did anyone else with the outage have a a message about an unauthorized box? mine has been out since wednesday morning. I called TW last night- we tried restarting the box, but they did not have anything to say when it didn’t work except for sending a tech over the weekend.

  • No One of Consequence

    The wind blew away all the fluff they pass off as entertainment.

  • AEB

    …if only….

  • nabeguy

    Yes, since47. And Goober’s doing the repairs.

  • ls

    Anyone get service back yet? Mine is still out in the North Heights.

  • nabeguy

    Hey wait a minute…occult meeting last night…no TWC this morning. How much you want to bet the Dark Lord works for Fios?

  • ByMonday

    Great, just when I have a deadline to meet. Anyone else having both internet and cable out in the Heights as of 1:30pm 12/4?

  • bornhere

    ByMonday — I’m at the office, but my remote RoadRunner webmail is dragging….

  • ByMonday

    Yeah, saw the cable guy making the rounds. Finally got to my building. Hope everyone is back up.

  • DowntownCobbleHeights

    Anyone having problems today? I’m on Clinton and State. No cable or internet! Argh! I’ve tried all the TW numbers and it keeps ringing busy :(
    Thank goodness for my iPhone. A whole
    Saturday w/o email is just so devistating!