Proof of Occult Gathering in Brooklyn Heights


This photograph sent to us by someone called “Dark Lord” shows last night’s “Occult Gathering” touted by fliers posted around Brooklyn Heights this week.   The mysterious Mr. Lord did not elaborate on the rituals conducted during  the midnight ceremony.

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  • David

    Though I respect Dark Lord as a leader, I found the sacrificial lamb from last night rather dry.

  • nabeguy

    David, that is too funny. Thanks.

  • Billy Reno

    “Honey! I’m going to my, uh, fantasy football league gathering.”

  • David

    It’s not meant to be funny. He could really use some culinary classes.

  • shadowplay

    truly occult

  • nabeguy

    david, give him a break. It’s not easy roasting over an open fire on a rainy night.

  • Mickey

    Aren’t they two or three weeks early? I thought these gatherings were supposed to coincide with the winter solstice (shortest day of the year). Maybe this was just the planning committee meeting!

  • jeffk

    And lo we hath gathered ’round the metal globe thingie, protected from the Lord’s view (and the drizzle!) by our blackened bumbershoots and our most malevolent, yet surprisingly sporty, rain jackets. And hark! Could we see the South Street Seaport and its variety of shops and restaurants! And a chill fell upon creation when we tried to guess what the Empire State Building’s colored lights represented. For though the lights were blinding white, it being Wednesday, and therefore Opposite Day, we knew the City Itself shared our darkest of desires. Triumphant, we complimented each other on our snug-fitting jeans, and then we got slices at Fascati. Hail Satan!

  • Ben T

    “Sooo, what do we do now?”

  • BklynJace

    At least they’re not blocking a bike lane.

  • tb

    At least they had the rally in the “happy circle”!

  • tb

    or, ah hem.. gathering.

  • Luciful

    @jeffk, Fascati after midnight??? Methinks they dined at Happy Days given the lateness of the rendez-vous…

  • Johnny Middagh

    Park place diner. They lack the stylish masonic Egyptian motifs Tutt’s has, but they do serve burgers til 2am. I frequently see after hours satanists congregating there.

  • hoppy

    Are you sure this wasn’t the BHA meeting?

  • joe

    Looks like a gathering of 4. I guess the rain dampened the turnout. Better luck next month.

  • Andrew Porter

    Their “Zodiacal sculpture” is actually an astrolabe, used in navigating. I have a much smaller one that I bought at the Greenwich Observatory in London. I use it when I want to sacrifice dust motes…

  • joey bag of donuts

    only yuppies you new people are so annoying for us native new yorkers!!!!!!!!!!! get out !!!!!!!!!!!!!