Occult Gathering in Brooklyn Heights


Are there nouveau Aleister Crowleys or  Anton LeVeys amongst us? Nabe blogger Acknowledged Classic notes a sign at Peas n Pickles on Henry Street touting an “Occult Gathering” tonight (12/2) during the full moon by the Zodiac Sculpture on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.  Maybe The Sentinel wasn’t totally fiction after all!

Now the question is – who will be brave enough to get us some photos tonight?

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  • No One of Consequence

    Will they be distributing placards so we can park conveniently?

  • nabeguy

    No need, nooc. Broomsticks don’t take up nearly as much room as cars.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    The forecast for midnight is thunderstorms and high winds. This could turn into another Night on Bald Mountain. I can just envision the zodiac figures on the astrolabe coming to life and performing a weird tarantella.

  • my2cents

    NOOC, you beat me to the punch, haha! Good one Nabeguy :-)

  • hicksandsticks

    We ought to all show up anyway! Let’s do it!

  • http://www.free-association.org Matthew on Hicks

    I’m gonna check it out. Definitely more exciting than that lady playing loud jazz and burning incense this weekend.

  • AEB

    There’s something wonderfully…well, initiate-to-would-be-initiate about this.

    Saw a dupe sign posted on the window of the former ROWF this AM. As today’s my birthday (just send wolfbane)…well, obviously, attending this is preordained for me….

  • velvetflip

    Damn….I already have a saging and a tarot card reading scheduled….any other night and I would have been there!

  • since47

    I find humor in the fact that there were actually fliers for the event…

  • http://thecourioshoppe.com mary vanparys

    Witches and Occultists view the Full moon the same way that Christians and the like view sunday service. It is little more than a HOly day of obligation. This is true of MOST witches, however what they were doing, i have no idea.