Open Thread Wednesday 12/2/09

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  • newbie

    new to the brooklyn heights area and just wondering where residents commonly get live christmas trees

  • Tom S

    There will be xmas tree sellers set up on various street corners, most notably on the corner of Montague and Remsen, outside of St. Ann’s church.

  • ls

    They will also sell trees outside Peas and Pickles on Henry and Pineapple.

  • Beginner

    I’m thinking about joining a gym in the neighborhood. Eastern Athletic is near my apartment but I’ve heard mixed reviews on the place. Has anyone been a member of Eastern Athletic (on Clark Street) recently? Any problems with it? Appreciate the input!

  • Kim

    Do Holiday Carolers still exist? I remember them from my childhood and would love for my kids to see an old tradition. Oh, I mean the ones that walk from building to building not the corner ones. But none the less, it would still be fun. Any suggestions?

  • alex

    newbie — If you’re in southern BH, there will also a large selection outside the Key Foods on Atlantic and Clinton.

  • Publius

    @Newbie. If you’re in the North Heights, I noticed that there’s a tree seller setting up at the corner of Columbia Heights and Old Fulton.

  • sue

    I have a 12 year old who wants to start squash lessons. Does anyone know someone who gives lessons, or does anyone know if the Eastern Athletic Club gives private lessons?

  • Heights

    I would think that the Heights Casino (Montague St, just below Hicks St.) would offer squash lessons. May have to be a member.

  • alex

    Any word about the Italian restaurant and wine bar allegedly coming to the corner of Columbia Place and Joralemon?

    Initially it was supposed to be open in October; clearly that didn’t happen. The blog printed last week that the Iris Cafe owners said the restaurant was still happening. Does anyone know when?

  • laurie

    @Beginner – Hubby and I have been members at the Dodge YMCA on Atlantic & Court since they opened several years ago and we’ve been quite happy there. It’s not the most luxurious facility, but it’s hard to beat for the price and they have a pool in additional to the standard fare of cardio machines, weight lifting equipment and class roster. There’s also an Equinox on Joralemon (too rich for my blood), a Gold’s Gym on Livingston and 2 NY Sports Clubs in the ‘hood (one at Remsen & Court and one on Boerum Place & Dean.)

  • ea

    @ Sue: Eastern Athletic has someone who gives private lessons.

    @ Beginner: I am a member of EA and I like it. I am not sure where it stands in comparison to the other gyms in terms of membership fee, probably it is in the more expensive bracket.

  • AEB

    The New York Athletic Club, to which I belong, on Remsen near Court, is cheap (and consequently, no frills) and does the job.

    The major advantage to belonging to this “chain” is that you can go to any branch you like. And there are about 3,567,876,987 of them.

  • AEB

    SORRY! That should be New York SPORTS Club. Let’s not interpret my slip, OK?

  • sue

    thanks ea!

  • melanie hope greenberg

    You can meet me at the Grace Church School and Toy Fair this Sat Dec 5 at 11 am. I’ll be reading a few of my books. They are also selling my books at the Fair from Friday Dec 4 through Saturday. 254 Hicks Street Brooklyn Heights 718.624.4030

    If you cannot get there, I also sell my books and prints from my books and original art that was published as greeting cards and in Scholastic magazines.
    Click on my name for more info on my blog, or contact at

  • Emily Litella

    Squash lessons can be obtained from Le Petit Marche. Bring your own dirty shoes.

  • Billy Reno

    Caroling in the nabe is a wonderful idea! Do you think that homeless guy on State and Clinton is a bass or a baritone?

  • AEB

    Great, Billy! Full of yuletide compassion.

  • sue

    I stopped my membership at EA when they started giving the students free membership. It has become impossible to get on the machines at night and it is being used as a singles hangout more than a serious gym. Very annoying

  • ea

    @ sue: I have noticed that at the beginning of the semesters when they all sign up, but usually when I go (weekends or after 7:30 PM) I have no issues with machines or feeling it is a single’s hangout. Maybe I am not going frequently enough? :)

  • ml

    I was a member of Eastern Athletic for years. It is close to where I live, way more convenient than any other option. I finally left three years ago when their disregard for their members became too much to take.

    First, they did that renovation that was supposed to last for a few months and took a year. It was a mess and after closing down for a long time (no availability), they opened and charged people way to much to have to navigate a construction zone to get a workout in. The facilities were a mess, access to different things was denied at various times and it took forever. Management didn’t seem to care a lick what the customers thought (the older thin woman who managed the place).

    On top of it, I had no access to a permanent locker I rented because it was blocked by supplies for months. When I went asking for my refund, I was told by the idiot manager that she would “look into it” at first. I was incredulous that there was even any thought involved. They had charged me for something and then denied me access to it, and made it harder to work out because I now had to carry things around with me that I’d rather leave at the gym (my preference). The place was a giant, uncomfortable inconvenience, which I could have been understanding about, but the management acted like they didn’t care about their customers–in more ways than I can even outline.

    Then there was the issue someone else brought up of the free student membership deal they worked out with the dorm in the St. George. Why should I pay their high prices when they are letting others in for nothing? I guess they had to. They had been bleeding dissatisfied members for years. I was there long enough to see people leave and know the reasons why. They got rid of the basketball court, for example, which drove away dozens of long-time members to the Y at Court and Atlantic. And the service was so poor and the place dirty enough at times, that dozens of other long-time members left during the time I was there.

    Then on top of it, when things were sort of settling down, my locker got robbed one day while I was in the shower. When I told the manager about it, she barely stifled a yawn.

    When I heard the Equinox was coming, I signed up before it was even built. I really can’t afford my membership, but at least they act like they WANT me as a member.

  • SPM

    I am looking for a tech person to help install a computer, transfer materials from my laptop to the new desktop/netbook and also be around for any troubleshooting. Recommendations would be most welcome!

  • Teresa

    I’ve been a member of Eastern Athletic since 1998. While I have been at times annoyed by them and it’s expensive, I am mostly very happy. After years of asking, they responded to members’ requests to open at 6 am instead of 6:30 am, which I appreciated, and because I go when they open during the week, I never have any trouble getting on equipment.

    I live less than a block from EAC and because I go so early, location is a pretty serious advantage for me. I wish that EAC were less expensive, but I guess I get my money’s worth from it.

  • tree hugger

    @newbie, I spied Brianna Parke on Montague Street getting their St. Ann’s tree lot set up. They are the friendliest, freshest faced people you could ever hope to do business with. There was a posting on them on this blog last year. Or visit the blog for her family’s treefarm: greenvermont.blogspot (dot) com.

  • Columbia Heights

    Let us all say thank you to our state senator for voting YES on equality today.

  • Joann

    There is a very nice woman selling trees in front of Key Food on Montague.

  • justaneighbor

    Any suggestions on where to go to get one’s car inspected?

  • AAR

    Car inspection: Urban Classics at foot of Columbia Heights at Old Fulton Street

  • nabeguy

    Or Excel Motors just up the block on Old Fulton and Hicks. Ask for Joke (and no, I’m not kidding).