BHA’s Chopper Stopper Meeting Underwhelms

The Brooklyn Heights Association met with the Economic Development Corporation and the Federal Aviation Administration Friday (10/30) to voice its concern over the planned increase in tourist helicopter flights over the area.   BHA Executive Director Judy Stanton tells the Brooklyn Paper they left the meeting with a “lot less than expected.”

Brooklyn Paper: A decade of complaints about the existing noise led to the Oct. 30 meeting with the Economic Development Corporation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Brooklyn Heights Association, state Sen. Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn Heights), Councilman David Yassky (D-Brooklyn Heights) and Assemblywoman Joan Millman (D-Carroll Gardens). But all that the chopper opponents learned at the confab was that there is very little accountability where helicopters are involved.

“We came out of the meeting with a lot less than we expected,” said Judy Stanton, executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association.

But Squadron was happy to have been at the table, seeing it as a first step towards trimming non-essential tourist flights.

“We’re working on ending the lack of government oversight of the helicopter business,” he said. “The best way to do this will be to have helicopter companies, the EDC and the FAA at the table.”

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  • the banned

    It would help if the BHA did not make ridiculous statements such as “you can’t have a nose to nose conversation”. The chopper noise is annoying, specially early in the morning but those are mostly police and traffic helicopters. When Obama comes to town the noise of an armada of choppers is very audible but even that is not conversation-stopping.
    If we wish to curb the sightseeing flights we need to construct a rational, legal argument. The BHA needs to stop making lame-brain statements and hire a lawyer, like Al Butzel, to bring forward a lawsuit, a grownup’s fight, against the powers that be.

  • The Where

    Speaking of appearing to be an adult, I believe it’s time for you to change your sophomoric handle, banned.