Open Thread Special: Election Day

So, you vote?  You care?  Cast your ballot for Reverend Billy?  Comment away!

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  • The Where

    I held my nose and voted for that Levin character. Tammany Hall returns!

  • lcd

    I actually did vote for reverend billy! last minute choice. not happy with either bloomberg or thompson. pretty sleepy at my polling place.

  • Publius

    In the booth I was considering the Socialist Workers Party and my favorite, the Rent is Too Damn High Party, but decided to vote for the capitalists oppressors instead.

  • Mickey

    I had the same experience as lcd. I was there at what I expected to be a busy point this morning and it was dead. I think the poll worker sitting next to the booth was actually nodding off! Considering the choices I guess a lot of people won’t bother to vote today.

  • lcd

    sounds like an enthusiastic bunch so far! i always vote because i’m so embarrassed by the low turnout but sometimes think, what’s the point? but i’ll keep voting anyway –

  • Heights

    Only two people ahead of me at 101 Clark St. at 8:00 this morning. Pitiful really.

  • Heights

    Why the time discrepancy on my post? I sent it at 5:20 yet it shows 5:49.

  • liam

    voted for bloomy rather than the dinkins beame wannabes
    just wish the effin rob-calls would stop!

  • DAB

    I enjoyed telling the Bloomberg canvassers “hell no,” when asked if I was voting for their candidate. Otherwise straight ticket Dem, except for Brooklyn Borough President, where I voted for the Libertarian. As it’s a pointless job and an unnecessary layer of government, at least the Libertarian would have the decency not to treat the post as a means of press accumulation, or endorse Mike Bloomberg.

  • Eddy

    I was going to vote for Mike but after about a dozen annoying cold calls from his
    campaign (even after I told them to stop) I voted for the opposition…

  • Claude Scales

    Eddy: Your comment supports an argument that, by overspending his own money on his campaign, Bloomberg actually narrowed his margin of victory.