Open Thread Wednesday


It's already the last Wednesday in June, year is halfway over! This week on OTW:

Does the neighborhood need a 24 hour pharmacy? CVS, Duane Reade, Gristedes etc all close before midnight…

Biofuel? Credit? Care?

Are you ready for some pizza

Michael Salmon is not going to be your Next Food Network Star.

Marty Connor votes against term limits. Thoughts? 

BH Beach is coming

And whatever YOU'RE thinking about….

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  • fishermb

    Anyone get to try Oven yet? I’m thinking of trying it out tomorrow or some time over the weekend, I hope it lives up to the hype.

    And thanks for the facebook add fink-

  • steve

    An all night drug store would be nice, but I doubt we will ever have one. And, at any rate, sundries and basic OTC medicine are available 24/7 at for example Peas and Pickles and Pennybridge. What we really, really need is a Trader Joe’s . . .

  • LD

    I second the Trader Joe’s idea. I trudged up to 14th street in the heat yesterday for my very first trip to a TJ’s, and now I’m completely hooked!
    Anyone know about plans for the “Meet Me at Clark Street” location or the former home of Mike’s steakhouse?

  • Qfwfq

    I was wondering about the Clark Street location as well. The Golden Hangers cleaners on the other side of the building entrance are moving across the street. Is this unrelated to the “Meet Me at Clark Street” space, or is something bigger happening?

  • Andrew

    Also on Clark St., the former Palmira’s space is still empty and desolate.

    Any word on the opening date for Five Guys?

  • steve

    Wait . . . that’s it, Trader Joe’s at the “Meet Me At Clark Street” space . . . or is it too off the beaten path and too small? By the way, I have it on good authority that the space formerly occupied by Palmira’s is going to be converted by the co-op that owns it to two apartments . . . which seems to make a lot of sense since restaurants have not done well there is the last 10 to 15 years.

  • GHB

    We need Trader Joe’s in the big empty space in the St. George and Starbucks (or another decent coffee place) where the bagel joint (and later steakhouse) was.

  • hoppy

    According to today’s Brooklyn Eagle, a Trader Joes is planned for the empty bank building at Court St and Atlantic.

  • frelkins

    The big story today is really that the iphone is apparently going to be available at the AT&T store on Court & Montague. That might be a less intense experience than sleeping in front of the Apple store starting tonight.

  • nabeguy

    Hey, it ain’t called an open thread for nothing, even if that’s all you hear!

  • embee

    What do the BHers think of Ricky’s opening on Montague? I like Ricky’s but BH seems like an odd choice for them.

  • N.H.

    What’s a “Ricky’s”
    And yippee for the TJ rumor for Court and Atlantic
    When can we get a decent market on Montague St.?

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