Oven Turns On

The much anticipated opening of the pizza restaurant Oven, the latest entry among the new eateries in the location formerly known as the Corner of Cranberry, is slated for Wednesday night (6/27). The restaurant’s management, including BitterWaitress.com founder Chris Fehlingher, are holding a special preview for “VIPs” tonight (6/26). The restaurant boasts a wine list of over 180 selections. (We wonder if the Busy Chef had a hand in creating this “travelogue” of vino.)

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  • nabeguy

    What’s with these “VIP” openings? Friends and families I can understand, but this sounds like an example of putting the cache before the horse.

  • steve

    I think the name “Oven” is more than a little unfortunate. But maybe I’m bitter because I was not on the opening night VIP guest list.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Are you serious? That’s what you’re most concerned about?

  • embee

    I guess her name is bitter waitress (or, uh, bitterwaitress) for a reason.

  • Lisa

    I think the name Oven is scary, BUT.. I think the place looks good, the menu sounds great!! A nice change to the same old stuff

  • JGirl

    has anyone has a good experience at OVEN?

  • JGirl

    has anyone had a good experience at OVEN?

  • lastrealNYC

    woops, correction to the URL above:

    how’s about bitter owner? check out this ad on CL:


    Honey, before you rant & rave in your own ad, learn proper grammar & how to actually spell “Schott Zwiesel”.

    Just from your tone, I couldn’t imagine a more uncomfortable work environment & thus a poor experience for patrons.

  • lastrealNYC

    Well, Mr. Bitter Waitress has changed the tone of his CL ad.
    But savvy NY foodies are certainly aware of his past behavior.
    I still doubt he has the patience & maturity to create the synergy necessary for a successful venture.

  • Bender

    Do tell LRNYC.