Yassky in Spatsky Over Credit

While Brooklyn Heights residents toil over the recent spike in robberies and parking tickets, our man in the City Council is in a skirmish over vegetable oil…sorta:

New York Sun: Credit for Legislation…: A feud is emerging in the City Council, as two members compete for the authorship of legislation that would require the use of biofuel heating oil in the city.

Council members David Yassky of Brooklyn and James Gennaro of Queens yesterday announced separate bills, almost identical in their wording, that would require all heating oil sold in the city to be composed of 20% biodiesel by 2013.

Both Mr. Yassky, an outspoken environmentalist, and Mr. Gennaro, the chairman of the council's Environmental Protection Committee, say they have been working on their bill for months.

"My bill's the bill that I'm going to be hearing and I'm not going to be hearing Mr. Yassky's bill," Mr. Gennaro said.

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