BH Beach Coming Soon


BHB Newshound "Greg" sent in this photo of construction of the man made beach slated to accompany the Floating Pool Lady. The "beach" opens on July 4.

New York Post: The Latest Shore Thing: The beach will be modeled after the successful Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City, Queens, with one big exception – no alcohol.

"We made a decision not to try to get a liquor license," said Harry Hawk, a partner in the Brooklyn burger joint Schnack, which is operating the hot dog stands. "It would be a nice thing to do, but it's all about making small steps and seeing how everything works, how many people we attract."

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  • beach lady

    I can’t explain how happy I am about this. It really is a great idea.

  • Qfwfq

    Now, if they could only somehow bury the BQE, and the noise and noxious fumes associated with it…

  • lifer

    they’re charging 6$ for what appears to be a 12 or 14 ounce plastic cup of beer at the water taxi beach.Thats a little pricey even for Jever…i’d brown bag it on the promenade before heading down to the pool….

  • curious george

    hmmm…. is there an admission charge for this pool/beach, or not? Is the pool open yet? Do you get down there via Joralemon??

  • steve

    This, I take it, is one of those “beaches” where you sit on the sand and get really warm and then really annoyed that you can’t actually go swimming in the water lapping the shore? Given me Riis Park, or Coney Island for that matter!

  • Claude Scales

    You can go swimming on the Floating Pool Lady.

  • hoppy

    But the “pool lady” btw. piers 2-3, is in my estimation a good 1000 feet from the so called beach btw. piers 4-5. And a walk along the shoulder of Furman street for that matter. I hope Harry will have those cold misters along the perimeter of the sand like at Water Taxi Beach?

  • beach lady

    If this is a city pool, it’s free; all city pools are free. Just bring your padlock because you can only take sunscreen and a towel on deck.

    The pool opens on the 4th, I believe.

    There will be no beer, which is probably a good thing.

    And, of course, Jacob Riis is much nicer for a swim– it’s the ocean. It is, however, very nice to have a decent alternative a few steps away.

  • beach lady

    p.s., Dear “me”: what exactly sucks????

  • eric

    So, I went down there this weekend to check out what it looks like; it looks like they have their work cut out for them. The whole are is an industrial mess: rusty pipes and I-beams, old tires, broken glass, etc etc.
    Do they plan to clean all that stuff up, or just dump some sand in the middle of the parking lot and call it a beach?

  • EJ

    Does anyone know if they planning on moving the pool down to the beach, or are people really expected to trek down Furman between the two “attractions”?

  • Harry Hawk

    I’m harry hawk. I’m slated to be the operator of the beach. Here is what I know.

    We hope to be open on July 4th.
    The park will be open from 9am to 7pm.
    The pool will be open from 11am to 7pm.
    It’s a park so you can bring your own food, beverages.
    No Glass and of course no beer, wine or spirits.
    We will be open 7 days a week

    To those who have noted that the pool is currently a few piers away, that will change once the pool is ready.

  • nabeguy

    Thanks for filling in all the blanks Harry. And a hearty welcome to the Heights!