Bandits in Cadman Park

Seems that while our law enforcement officials are busy writing parking tickets, citizens are being yoked at a fever pitch:

Brooklyn Paper Police Blotter: A quintet of thugs surrounded a man sitting in Cadman Plaza Park and stole his camera at 2 pm on June 15.

The man, who had been relaxing with a friend on a bench near Middagh Street, was tinkering with his camera when the group approached and asked to see it.

After he agreed, the man turned and walked away with the device. When the victim tried to recover the camera, the thugs turned on him and started punching him in the face.

The camera was not recovered…

Two men — who may have been armed — forced a Brooklyn Heights man to withdraw $800 from an ATM before ordering him to drive them to Manhattan on June 16.

The drama began at 10:30 pm, when the man, who was getting into his car, was approached by the two men, one of whom claimed to have a knife.

The men forced the victim into a bank vestibule on Montague Street between Court and Clinton streets, where he withdrew the cash.

But these perps weren’t done yet. After pocketing the money, they ordered the man back to his car so he could drive them to the Herald Square area.

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  • kh

    Another criminal act is the graffiti all over the promenade. D-Block. Did a little research and they are a rap group. Too bad they have to come to our nice neighborhood and trash it. Our local ticket writers need to look up from their little books and start arresting all these thugs.

  • os

    APPALLING!!! cadman park sits directly behind the FEDERAL billion dollar COURT HOUSE – and the million dollar (recently renovated) park….ridiculous that there is no security for park goers!!!


  • eric

    This man was robbed and beaten in broad daylight, and no one (police or otherwise) helped?

    We need more police (the real kind, not the parking kind) in this neighborhood.

  • Terry

    Real cops cost the city money, parking cops are a source of revenues -especially when they are out in droves in neighborhoods like Brooklyn Heights. I would bet that at any given moment, half of all the ticket writers in the boro are in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill. Meanwhile the real police are in the areas where the parking cops are not.

  • os

    meanwhile the police officers at adamn and tillary continue to sit in their parked cars talking on their cell phones with their roof and head lights blinking endlessly. Is this brooklyn heights or fort apache????

  • steve

    My first thought in reading this nabe crime news was, wow, those are things I myself do . . . I could be the next victim. But that is always true in this or any other city . . . you just gotta look out and always be aware of what’s going on around. You gotta remember the basic urban survival skills. And you can’t let all the NYPD Compstat blather about relative safety of our City/nabe allow you to put your gaurd down. Oh, and it would be nice if someone over at the 84th started thinking about have their officers patrol (and I mean walk) the neighbor streets.

  • No One of Consequence

    If this happens to you (being forced to drive them somewhere), try this. Ram your car into the first police car you encounter. They are always parked at the entrances to the bridges.

  • os

    it may be a bit challenging when driving at gun or knife point!

  • No One of Consequence

    Granted the thugs won’t be the brightest to begin with, but shooting the driver of the vehicle you’re in should be against all common sense, especially as it careens into a police cruiser.
    YMMV, it’s just what I’d do.

  • JamieP

    I’d rather give them a lift to Herald SQ than risk getting shot in the head. Not sure they’re up on common sense or 100% sober for that matter.

    Meanwhile, am I the only one that things that astroturf smells funny? Like burning tires?

  • Qfwfq

    JamieP, no, you aren’t the only who thinks that. We here at bhblog noticed it as well. It’s especially noticeable in 90+ degree weather.

  • steve

    But, Qfwfq, the astroturf looks good from a distance. And maybe the idea is that it will be so terribly foul in the summer when it’s baking that no one will go on it, thus extending its wear-life for years and years to come. That will save an enourmous amount of money over time.

  • lakisha

    has anyone noticed the concrete barrier and smashed gate at the main entrace of the federal court house. broken, chipped and very unsightly….a billion dollar courthouse should be able to design something a bit more attractive…again who is in charge over there????

  • time bandit

    hey folks
    this is very appauling to read that in our nice little corner of civility something like this happens.
    but the main argument is really where are the dam cops?…….munching on dounuts while they guard a road in front of the courthouse which isn’t accessable, and they guarding the brooklyn bridge and letting hords of cars make left turns from the center lane, further more they are out busting the real villian who park their car fifteen minutes before the street cleaning rules expire.
    this is a true testiment to how the city declined after Guliani left office and mayor mike is on the prowl to have every police member including detectives and investigators write a quota of parking tickets. it’s a sham that in front of the court building a man is robbed.

    The New York’s Finest Hard at Work ! Taking parking spaces with their permits and sheilding bullets with their pretzels

  • Homer Fink

    Folks, I had to actually MODERATE the comments here. Let’s keep it civil, thanks.

  • No One Of Consequence

    In the carjacking story, the thugs “claimed” to have a knife, not a gun (ok, I also introduced the concept of shooting the driver).
    If there is one thing perps are going to be concerned about, it would have to be the cops. Bring them into the equation (since the claims are they aren’t there on their own) and they will likely forget about you and worry only about how they might get away, not about how they would like their life of crime to fast-track from thievery to murder.
    Acquiescence makes you an easy target and encourages them to repeat the offense. I suppose it might also get you punched in the face.

    Fink, I’ll take your word for it that the moderated comments were completely out of line. Else, this is a blog (controverial by nature)… reader beware!

  • Infuriated

    A week ago I noticed a car had been broken into on Craanberry st, so i called 311 to report it. it wasn’t my car, but i thought someone should know. They transferred me to 911, who took my call and were very pleasant about it. then, this tuhrsday I noticed a car had been broken into on the corner of Willow and Orange, so I hauled out the cell phone and called 311. They were great, passed me to 911, not so great. .The 911 operator apparently didn’t understand that you should speak clearly and we spent a good deal of our conversation with me asking him to repeat myself. Then he told me I had to wait by the car until the police got there… what? It wasn’t my car and I was running late as it was… I called to give the plate # and address so the police could do the rest… after all, i didn’t see it happen! The operator became rude on the phoe and told me that if I didn’t wait there he couldn’t make a report and REFUSED to take any more info (ie the plate number). I spoke to his supervisor who wanted to know “what [she] had to say to get me to understand that”… wtf??? So they never took any information from me other than the address… I left a note on that person’s car, sorry if i was yours! Then, continuing down the street, there was a 2nd car tht had been broken into, and a car with a “fresh” ticket!!!!!!!!! Do the police truly not care about our safety? This, if nothing else, seems to illustrate the fact tht the police department cares much more about the incoming $$ than public safety.

  • joe

    Today while I was driving around looking for a parking spot I noticed tons of parking tix on cars. They are certainly making lots of money off the rich folks in BH. I just wish some of that money would come our way in the form of a safe neighborhood if all these stories are true.

  • alex k

    that makes me even more glad i finally got an indoor parking spot in my building’s garage.. it’s sad that those “car violators” are up to it again, my car was broken into back in november (and from what i was told, along with 20-30 other cars).. what’s wrong with these people.. they took my $40 radio and left a few hundred dollars worth of audio/car electronics in the car so i was more amused than miffed, but still annoyed (mostly because my car got rained into for two days).