Run Fink Run?

In his column in this week's Brooklyn Paper, BHB publisher Homer Fink contemplates running for "higher" office:

Brooklyn Paper: I Should Run for 'Higher' Office: I’ve gotten to know the mind of the man (and gal) on the street in the Heights pretty well since I started publishing the Brooklyn Heights Blog almost a year ago. Our neighbors are smart, quick witted, proud and a little skeptical. Since I’ve been accused of having many of the same attributes, I’ve contemplated something that would have seemed preposterous when I lived in Manhattan — running for public office.

Before you start to get misty over my zeal for serving the public, let me make one thing perfectly clear about my motivation: I’m downright gobsmacked by the sheer wackiness of some of the folks representing us. Seems like every time I’ve picked up the paper recently at least one of our representatives is doing something odd. Heck, if they can do it why can’t I?

Now I’m sure that state Sen. Marty Connor is fine upstanding member of the community. He’s served us for two decades in Albany, which is admirable — if only for the fact that our state capital is an armpit of a town. But it’s a little weird that he was recently featured in the New York Times complaining about the lack of nightlife up there. Full Story

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  • Claude Scales

    Do it!

    May I be one of your “consultants”?

  • steve

    Homer, would running for office leave you with enough time for blogging, bocce, and trivia contests? And if you won, you would have to spend a lot of time in Albany. “Dispatches from the State’s Capital City,” filled with all sorts of “policy discussions” and “legislative compromises,” don’t sound like they would be nearly as entertaining as those from our little corner of the world. Plus, there’s too much snow in Albany, and no Sahadi’s.