No Nightlife for Martin Connor

Today’s New York Times discusses the declining nightlife of legislators in Albany. While “fun” has been going downhill for over a decade in the Capitol, the reign of Gov. Eliot “No Fun” Spitzer has accelerated its demise according to the report.  That’s inflicted Brooklyn Heights’ man in the State Senate, Martin Connor, with one heckuva existential crisis:

New York Times: In Albany, Life Has Seeped Out of Nightlife: Martin Connor flicked his eyes down the bar, surveying all the unoccupied chairs. The room was too empty. The music was too loud. “I never see legislators here anymore,” he groused, lacing his fingers around a glass of pinot noir.

It was a Wednesday night at Elda’s on Lark, a bar and restaurant two blocks from the Capitol. Lawmakers would once have been strolling through the doors for a drink or three, or six. But Mr. Connor, a long-serving state senator from Brooklyn Heights, saw no familiar faces. “I keep thinking, I’m 62 — am I out of it? Maybe this isn’t the place anymore,” he said.

“Nah,” he decided. “There’s not an everybody place anymore.”

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  • JamieP

    Is this the state senator whose car I’ve seen parked illegally outside his apt building on Pierrepont? I know the car’s plates say “state senate” but can that be legal?

    I swear everyone has some vague excuse/permit in their window for parking illegally.

  • nabeguy

    Note to State Senator Connor:
    There’s still one everybody place left….it’s called the Senate Chamber.
    JamieP…if you think parking rules are abused and flouted now, wait and see what happens if congestion pricing takes effect…every car is suddenly going to grow police bubble lights out of their roofs.

  • spm

    Considering the fact that Albany is ALWAYS delinquent in passing budget and in fact has earned the comment “it’s where good ideas go to die” I can’t get worked up feeling sorry for the fact that a State Senator is not able to have his
    “drink or three, or six” on a Wednesday night – and certainly not while I’m paying his salary!